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Taylor Rain


Birth name:

Taylor Rain


Nikki Star, TMFR - Taylor Mother Fucking Rain




Long Beach, California, USA



Race or Ethnicity:


Sexual orientation:





United State


160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches

Hair color:


Eye color:




Natural Bust:



Not Known


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Taylor Rain - Biography


She has appeared in more than 200 pornographic films in a three-year time span, the first of which was under the name Nikki Star in Pop Goes the Cherry. As with several other female porn stars most of her work includes anal sex. She married Scott Fayner on January 10, 2004. The marriage was annulled shortly after. Taylor has done very few lesbian scenes. With the exception of a lesbian threesome in Penetration Nation, those few scenes have been for VCA and all involved several girls at once. She has also never appeared in a scene with a black performer and has said she will simply not do interracial scenes, although she has been with Lloyd Banks in her private life and she has appeared in one scene with Rick Lee, an Asian male. This choice may be due to her father`s influence, for his dislike of interracial sexual relations. In 2005, she made her directorial debut with the 1st Strike Films release Ass Up Face Down, in which she also starred. In the same year, she auctioned a day with herself on set on eBay for US$3,900. In December 2005, she announced her retirement from acting in pornographic movies and will focus on directing titles, and spend more time on her new pay website, in which she will submit photo galleries and hardcore videos, and chat with fans online. Taylor also announced she wants to settle down and start a family, and that retirement will allow her to do that. In June 2006 she announced her pregnancy on her website, but miscarried one month later. Despite her claim that she was going to retire, she performed in additional titles during 2006.






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