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Sophie Howard


Birth name:

Sophie Amanda Howard




Southport, England



Race or Ethnicity:


Sexual orientation:



Glamour model




5 ft. 8 in.

Sophie Howard



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Sophie Howard - Biography


Sophie Howard (born 24 February 1983) is an English glamour model from Southport. She appears regularly on Page Three and in men's magazines, such as Maxim, Nuts and Loaded. In August 2005, Howard was voted 73rd in the FHM UK "100 Sexiest Women" poll. In the 2006 poll, she rose to 68th place.

Sophie Howard was born and raised in Southport, England. She attended Christ the King Catholic High school and was in the Salvation Army until she was 16. At 17, she became a stripper, a "rubbish" one:
"I’d go on the stage, dance around a bit, get my tits out, then get off. Well, with lapdancing, you had to put in three minutes, but if the guy was a bit minging, you made it last one-and-a-half. If they were hot, you'd do it all night!...At that time of your life you need to start trying out new things and see where it takes you. You never know, maybe one day I'll go back to the uniform. Thinking about it, what I'm doing now is probably very blasphemous. Ah, He'll forgive me anyway!"
Howard studied English and creative writing at university, later swapping to marketing information systems. During this time, she signed to the IMM modelling agency, and appeared in the magazine.
Howard subsequently signed a contract with Loaded, resulting in a relationship advice column and a regular feature called "Sophie's Choice". As of 2006, Howard has been signed to Nuts magazine for about 18 months. In 2006, Sophie's management of IMM signed an exclusive 12 month deal - for 2007 - with Dennis publishing for Sophie to frequently feature in Maxim and Bizarre.
In 2009 Howard returned to Edge Hill University, where she originally pursued her degree studies, to study for a degree in mental health nursing.
Whilst studying at Sixth Form, Howard was diagnosed with Lupus Erythematosus, a condition affecting the immune system.


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