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Roselyn Sanchez


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Roselyn Sanchez


Popi, Ros




San Juan, Puerto Rico



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United States

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First hispanic in a US soap


5' 5" (1.65 m)


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Roselyn Sanchez - Biography


Roselyn Sánchez (born 2 April 1973) is a Puerto Rican singer, model, and actress of film and television.
Sánchez (birth name: Roselyn Sánchez Rodríguez) was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the youngest of four siblings, having three older brothers. She received her primary education in San Juan. At a young age, she showed an interest in both dancing and acting and would put on shows for her family. Sánchez enrolled in the University of Puerto Rico, where like her father and brothers she was to study marketing. However, this was not her calling and after three years she left the course. In 1991, at the age of 21, Sánchez moved to New York City, where she took classes in dancing, acting and singing. She returned to Puerto Rico, and in 1992 she made her movie debut, having landed a small part as an island girl in the movie Captain Ron, which was partly filmed in Puerto Rico, starring Martin Short and Kurt Russell.

In Puerto Rico, she gained public attention as a dancer and as co-host of a variety show called Que Vacilon. At that time, in 1993, Sánchez won the Miss Puerto Rico Petite contest, and in 1994 she won the international title of Miss American Petite, bringing her international fame. Sánchez has been named to numerous annual lists of beautiful women including Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100" in 2001, 2002 and 2006; AskMen.com's "Top 99 Most Desirable Women" in 2005 and 2006; and FHM Magazine's "100 Sexiest Women" in 2005 and 2006.

In 2001, Sánchez was cast as Isabella Molina, an undercover United States Secret Service agent who was Jackie Chan's love interest in the hit movie Rush Hour 2. In 2003, she played the role of Lorena in the movie Chasing Papi, starring alongside Jaci Velasquez and Sofia Vergara. Sánchez has acted in some 20 movies, including as Maria in Edison and as Karen Lopez in Underclassman. She also starred in the Puerto Rican film Cayo, released in 2005. Also in the fall of 2005, she joined the cast of the television series Without a Trace, where she plays Agent Elena Delgado.
She composed the musical Yellow, about a singer/dancer/actress who leaves Puerto Rico to hit the big time in New York, in which she played the principal part. The movie was filmed in 2005 and released in 2007.
Also in 2007, she acted as Monique, Peyton's ballet teacher, in The Game Plan, and appeared in the movie Venus & Vegas. She is currently preparing for her role in The Perfect Sleep, a neo-noir drama, where she is co-starring with Patrick Bauchau, Tony Amendola, Isaac Singleton, and Peter Lucas.

In 2003, her first musical recording, Borinqueña, was released. The album's first single, "Amor Amor", gained a lot of attention as well as a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Music Video. She appeared in Craig David's music videos "Hidden Agenda" and "Personal" and in the Fabolous video for the song "Make Me Better".

Sánchez was married to actor Gary Stretch from 9 August 1998, to 2001. After her divorce, she started a relationship with Puerto Rican salsa singer Victor Manuelle. However, in December 2005, she announced that she had ended their relationship. The separation was amicable. She married actor Eric Winter on 29 November 2008, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Sánchez is a supporter of animal rights and an active member of PETA. She recently appeared nude in a PETA ad in support of anti-fur campaign efforts. She is the spokesperson of the Fundación de Niños San Jorge, which assists sick children from poor families.


Roselyn Sanchez - Filmography


Act of Valor (2010)
I Am That Man (2010)
"Royal Pains" .... Sofia Santos (1 episode, 2009)
- Crazy Love (2009) TV episode .... Sofia Santos
"Without a Trace" .... Elena Delgado (89 episodes, 2005-2009)
... aka W.A.T (USA: short title)
- Undertow (2009) TV episode .... Elena Delgado
- True (2009) TV episode .... Elena Delgado
- Devotion (2009) TV episode .... Elena Delgado
- Labyrinths (2009) TV episode .... Elena Delgado
- Hard Landing (2009) TV episode .... Elena Delgado
(84 more)
Venus & Vegas (2009) .... Kristen
The Perfect Sleep (2009) .... Porphyria
The Game Plan (2007) .... Monique Vasquez
Yellow (2006/I) .... Amaryllis Campos
Shooting Gallery (2005) (V) .... Jezebel Black
Edison (2005) .... Maria
... aka Edison Force (USA: DVD title)
Cayo (2005) .... Young Julia
Underclassman (2005) .... Karen Lopez
"Kojak" .... ADA Carmen Warrick (6 episodes, 2005)
- All Bets Off: Part 2 (2005) TV episode .... ADA Carmen Warrick
- All Bets Off: Part 1 (2005) TV episode .... ADA Carmen Warrick
- Music of the Night (2005) TV episode .... ADA Carmen Warrick
- Fathers and Sons (2005) TV episode .... ADA Carmen Warrick
- East Sixties (2005) TV episode .... ADA Carmen Warrick
(1 more)
State Property 2 (2005) .... D.A.
Kojak (2005) (TV) .... ADA Carmen Warrick
"Dragnet" .... Det. Elana Macias / ... (3 episodes, 2003-2004)
... aka L.A. Dragnet (USA: new title)
- Riddance (2004) TV episode .... Det. Elana Macias
- Abduction (2004) TV episode .... Det. Elana Macias
- Coyote (2003) TV episode .... Det. Lisa Macias
Larceny (2004) .... Angela
Chasing Papi (2003) .... Lorena
Basic (2003) .... Nunez
... aka Basic - Hinter jeder Lüge eine Wahrheit (Germany)
"The Drew Carey Show" .... Maria (1 episode, 2002)
- Drew Tries Hot Salsa (2002) TV episode .... Maria
"In-Laws" .... Dani (1 episode, 2002)
- If You Can't Stand the Heat (2002) TV episode .... Dani
Nightstalker (2002) .... Gabriella Martinez
Boat Trip (2002) .... Gabriella
... aka Boat Trip (Germany)
Miss Miami (2002) (TV)
... aka Miami Jonez (USA)
Rush Hour 2 (2001) .... Isabella Molina
"Nash Bridges" .... Belinda Cruz / ... (2 episodes, 2000)
... aka Bridges
- Land Pirates (2000) TV episode .... Belinda Cruz
- Jump Start (2000) TV episode .... Delinda Santiago
"Ryan Caulfield: Year One" .... Kim Veras (2 episodes, 1999)
- Pilot (1999) TV episode .... Kim Veras
- Po-Piggity and Other Racial Slurs (1999) TV episode .... Kim Veras
Held Up (1999) .... Trina
"Fame L.A." .... Lili Arguelo (21 episodes, 1997-1998)
- Green Eyed Monster (1998) TV episode .... Lili Arguelo
- Lili Vanilli (1998) TV episode .... Lili Arguelo
- The Boys and the Band (1998) TV episode .... Lili Arguelo
- Music Lessons (1998) TV episode .... Lili Arguelo
- The Key to Success (1998) TV episode .... Lili Arguelo
(16 more)
"As the World Turns" .... Pilar Domingo (23 episodes, 1996-1997)
- Episode dated 13 December 1997 (1997) TV episode .... Pilar Domingo
- Episode dated 14 November 1997 (1997) TV episode .... Pilar Domingo
- Episode dated 13 November 1997 (1997) TV episode .... Pilar Domingo
- Episode dated 12 November 1997 (1997) TV episode .... Pilar Domingo
- Episode dated 16 October 1997 (1997) TV episode .... Pilar Domingo
(18 more)
Captain Ron (1992) .... Clarise, Island Girl


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