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Nautica Thorn


Birth name:



Nautica Binz, Naughtica, Nautica Binks, Nautica




Waipahu Ewa, Hawaii



Race or Ethnicity:

Japanese, Hawaiian, Puerto Rican

Sexual orientation:





United States


155 cm - 5 feet and 1 inches

Hair color:


Eye color:




Natural Bust:





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Nautica Thorn - Biography


Nautica was born on the June 13, 1984, in Hawaii as an only child. She is half Japanese, a quarter Hawaiian and a quarter Puerto Rican, which resulted in her unique appearance. She has always said she has enjoyed sex since an early age, saying that she first kissed a boy at age twelve, gave oral sex to a boy at age thirteen and lost her virginity at fourteen. Her first job growing up was as a lei greeter (girls who adorn visitors with large petal necklaces) at the airport on Hawaii and she claims to have been one of the best. As she grew older, she decided that she wanted to live on the mainland and moved to California. She became an exotic dancer and, when she was nineteen, she decided that she wanted to produce pornographic movies, which she started in late 2002. The move to pornographic material was spurred by an agent approaching her when she was dancing and offering her nude modelling opportunities. She agreed and first appeared in a string of pro-am films like Up N Cummers 116, progressing from there until her first major pornographic movie releases in the year 2003. As of February 2006 Nautica has appeared in 175 adult films and has been credited for directing one of these. She is lined up to appear in many more in the coming year and it is most likely that this number will top 200 within a matter of months. Her emerging titles were released in 2003 which included her parts in the Up N` Cummers and Dirty Girlz series.






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