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Missy Monroe


Birth name:



Missy Marie, Missy, Missy Monique, Misty Monroe




Las Vegas, Nevada, USA



Race or Ethnicity:


Sexual orientation:





United States


168 cm - 5 feet and 6 inches

Hair color:


Eye color:




Natural Bust:



Missy on right buttock, a Strawberry plant left ankle,and a tattoo on her left shoulder blade.


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Missy Monroe - Biography


Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, Missy`s mother was a hospital worker who worked the graveyard shifts, while her father was a `bad boy`, who worked a variety of jobs including truck driving and paramedic work. Her parents apparently split up after she was 12 — an age where, according to her, she engaged in sexual activities and troublemaking at school from the eighth grade onward. By the time she graduated high school, she was 17 and had slept with 150 male companions. After graduation, she worked service-sector jobs, and experimented with recreational drugs including marijuana. Like many pornographic actresses, she began her adult entertainment career in 2003 by topless dancing, the specific club she worked at was the famous Cheetah`s. Her entry into pornographic modeling was a photoshoot in April 2003. From October 2003 to April 2004, she moved to Los Angeles and stopped working in the industry due to her romantic relationship with a mechanic. Due to his later job displacement and his unwillingness to have her work, she ended the relationship with him. For a time, she roomed with pornographic actress Genesis Skye for roughly six weeks in 2006; a major fight between the two became the focus of news and tabloid reports — and resulted in Genesis Skye`s moving out of the apartment. Monroe has a penchant for aggressive anal sex, and will spice up her scenes with plenty of dirty talk. She is also known as a `squirter`, often appearing to ejaculate during sex scenes.






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