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Jenaveve Jolie


Birth name:



Jenaveve Joli, Jenevieve




San Luis Obispo, California, USA



Race or Ethnicity:

Latin, Mexican American

Sexual orientation:





United States


152 cm - 5 feet and 0 inches

Hair color:

Black, dark Brown

Eye color:




Natural Bust:



Band tattoo on her right bicep.


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Jenaveve Jolie - Biography


Jenaveve Jolie is an American pornographic actress, nude model, and exotic dancer. She is married to Kris Knight, who is also in the adult industry. Before Jenaveve became an adult actress she was going to college, studying to be a physical therapist, in San Luis Obispo, California. She also worked as a waitress at a nearby steakhouse. Eventually she began dancing at a strip club, and as the story goes she was handed a business card for Jim South's World Modeling, a talent management company that provides models and actresses for the adult film industry in Los Angeles. Not aware of what modeling entailed, she went and auditioned. Jenaveve began her career as an adult actress in 2003, shooting an all-girl scene with Felecia and Ann Marie. She's had a reasonably successful career, being featured in nearly 100 adult titles, including the award winning Pirates, and she was recognized for her work in 2006, by being nominated for AVN's Best New Starlet Award. Jenaveve is part of a growing trend of latin performers who specialize in working with white men for the making of "Latina Porn." She performs lesbian scenes (with one or more female partners) as well as straight porn scenes with male partners. She has not yet performed an anal scene and stated in an interview with AVNinsider.com, "I don't plan to do anal anytime soon". She has recently been touring California as a featured exotic dancer, doing performances in established gentlemen's clubs like Spearmint Rhino. She is currently represented by the agency LA Direct.






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