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Izabella Miko


Birth name:

Izabella Anna Mikolajczak




Lodz, Poland



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5' 4" (1.63 m)

Izabella Miko



Izabella Miko - Pictures

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Izabella Miko - Biography


Born in what was still Communist Poland in January 1981 to accomplished thespian parents, Grazyna Dylag and Aleksander Mikolajczak, Izabella Miko could dance before she could walk. She began to pursue her dream career as a ballerina as soon as it was available to her at the age of 10. Izabella was accepted to the National Ballet School in Warsaw and though her teachers were concerned about what seemed to be some flexibility limitations of her body from the start, Izabella was determined to realize her dream. She would simply need to train harder and longer than the other dancers, and so she did. Izabella became so accomplished, so quickly, that at the age of 15 she was recruited to come to NY on full scholarship and study at the School of American Ballet. Izabella was on her way to the NYC Ballet and the spotlight of her dreams. However, in 1997 Izabella's body could no longer withstand the rigors of a 7-day a week ballet-training schedule and gave in to vertebrae, knee and ankle injuries. In a blink, Izabella's career as a ballet dancer was over. She found herself 17 years old and wondering what career she would ever find that would emblaze her soul the same way dance did. It didn't take long for destiny to reveal its new and improved plan for Izabella Miko. While freshly back in Warsaw and recovering, a casting director who was working with Izabella's parents asked if Izabella would play a part in a TV movie "Lithuania You're My Motherland". She accepted not knowing where else to turn. From the first moment in front of the cameras, Izabella was hooked. Her calling to act rang so loudly in her heart that it was unmistakable and made so much sense out of what was up until that moment a confusing disappointment. Once bitten by the acting bug, and never a lady to do anything only half way, shortly before her 18th birthday, Izabella was headed back to America only this time, as an actor. She immediately began training at The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute and laying the groundwork for a successful career as an actor. Sewn instantly into the hearts of everyone she meets, it didn't take long before the business urged Izabella to become a bi-coastal performer. She came out to LA just after she turned 18 and from a short and magical series of events landed a much sought after role in "Jerry Bruckheimer's" Coyote Ugly (2000) playing the heartbreaker "Cammie" Izabella's role in the film put her on the fast track in Hollywood not to mention a slew of magazine covers and billboards as well! She followed this debut up with a leading role in J.S. Cardone's The Forsaken (2001) Her latest film, Minimal Knowledge (2002) has been making the film festival rounds in 2002. She also recently wrapped _Shore, The (2003)_ starring along side Lesley Ann Warren and Ben Gazzara. With a deep passion for dance, movement and the spotlight ever in her soul, Izabella is currently starring alongside hugely accomplished actors Derek Jacobi and 'Michael Lonsdale' in the feature film _Bye-Bye Blackbird (2004)_ . Her portrayal of Alice, a circus trapeze artist in the early 1900s, is the perfect combination of Izabella's most innate talents. Izabella prepared for this role with a rigorous, three-month, training schedule on both the flying and static trapeze.


Izabella Miko - Personal Quotes


"They don't have bars like this in Poland. It was so hard for me to describe to my mom what it was all about. She was like, 'What do you mean you dance on the bar?' She had no idea. 'Are you a stripper?' I'm like, 'No, Mom, I'm not playing a stripper!' She finally got it after seeing the trailer, which is running in Poland. But I'm not worried about her seeing the movie; in fact, she came to the premiere."


Izabella Miko - Filmography


Clash of the Titans (2010) .... Athena
Repo (2010) .... Timmy
Fake Identity (2010) .... Katrine
... aka Double Identity (USA: DVD title)
Kochaj i tancz (2009) .... Hania
... aka Love and Dance (International: English title)
Dark Streets (2008) .... Madelaine
Skip Tracer (2008) (TV) .... Ludmila
Waiting (2007/II) .... Young Woman
Flakes (2007) .... Strawberry
Crashing (2007) .... Kristen
Save the Last Dance 2 (2006) .... Sara
The House of Usher (2006) .... Jill Michaelson
Park (2006) .... Krysta
The Shore (2005) .... Kaliope
Bye Bye Blackbird (2005) .... Alice
... aka Adieu, schöner, schwarzer Vogel (Germany)
"Deadwood" .... Carrie (3 episodes, 2005)
- Something Very Expensive (2005) TV episode .... Carrie
- Complications (Formerly 'Difficulties') (2005) TV episode .... Carrie
- Requiem for a Gleet (2005) TV episode .... Carrie
Gramercy Park (2004) (TV) .... Sophie Mansour
Minimal Knowledge (2002) .... Renee
... aka Murder Reincarnated (USA: video title)
The Forsaken (2001) .... Megan
... aka The Forsaken: Desert Vampires (Australia: promotional title) (UK: DVD title)
... aka Desert Vampires (International: English title)
... aka Vampires of the Desert (Europe: English title)
Coyote Ugly (2000) .... Cammie
"Kuchnia polska" (1993) TV mini-series (as Izabela Mikolajczyk) .... Zuzia Szymanko
... aka De Poolse keuken (Belgium)
Niech zyje milosc (1991) (uncredited) .... Kuba's Daughter
... aka Long Live Love
Pan Kleks w kosmosie (1988) .... The Girl with the Matches
... aka Mr. Blob in the Universe (International: English title)
... aka Mr. Kleks in Space
... aka Pán Machula vo vesmíre (Czechoslovakia: Slovak title)
... aka Pan Kanka ve vesmíru (Czechoslovakia: Czech title)


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Izabella Miko





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