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Heike Makatsch


Birth name:

Heike Makatsch




Düsseldorf, Germany



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Executive summary:

Love Actually


5' 8" (1.73 m)


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Heike Makatsch - Biography


Heike Makatsch (born August 13 1971) is a German actress.
Makatsch was born in Düsseldorf, Germany, the daughter of former German national ice hockey team goaltender Rainer Makatsch. She spent several months in New Mexico in 1988 in an effort to improve her English, and later studied politics and sociology at the University of Düsseldorf for four semesters, which was followed by an apprenticeship as a dressmaker until 1994.

Her television career started in 1993, when she was hired by music channel VIVA, hosting shows such as Interaktiv and Heikes Hausbesuche; two years later, on August 13 1995, she became the host of the German chart show BRAVO TV, aired by RTL II, a position she kept until summer 1996. In 1997 she started hosting her own weekly, late night show titled Heike Makatsch Show. However, due to bad ratings, it was cancelled after only eight episodes.
Makatsch first appeared in a movie in 1996, when she starred in Detlev Buck's Männerpension (English: "Jailbirds"); she received the Bavarian Film Award as most talented young actor for her performance. Since then, she has appeared in several German and English language productions.

Makatsch was involved in a 7-year relationship with British actor Daniel Craig.
She has a daughter, Mieke Ellen (born January 23, 2007), with Max Martin Schröder from the band Tomte.


Heike Makatsch - Filmography


Die Tür (2009) .... Gia
... aka The Door (International: English title)
Dr. Hope (2009) (TV) .... Hope Bridges Adams
... aka Dr. Hope - Eine Frau gibt nicht auf (Germany: new title)
Hilde (2009) .... Hildegard Knef
Schade um das schöne Geld (2008) (TV) .... Mirabel Blinker
Mrs. Ratcliffe's Revolution (2007) .... Frau Unger
Schwesterherz (2006) .... Anne
Hui Buh (2006) .... Leonora Gräfin zu Etepetete
... aka Hui Buh - Das Schlossgespenst (Germany: closing credits title)
... aka Hui Buh: The Castle Ghost (USA: literal English title)
... aka Hui Buh: The Goofy Ghost (Europe: English title)
Margarete Steiff (2005) (TV) .... Margarete Steiff
Almost Heaven (2005) .... Helen Schuster
... aka Almost Heaven - Ein Cowgirl auf Jamaika (Germany: TV title)
A Sound of Thunder (2005) .... Alicia Wallenbeck
Tara Road (2005) .... Bernadette
Keine Lieder über Liebe (2005) .... Ellen
Familie auf Bestellung (2004) (TV) .... Eva
Say Sorry (2004)
Das Wunder von Lengede (2003) (TV) .... Renate Reger
... aka A Light in Dark Places (International: English title)
Confused (2003)
Love Actually (2003) .... Mia
A Weekend with Eva (2003)
Europe - 99euro-films 2 (2003) .... Maren (segment "Ich hab Musik dabei")
Anatomie 2 (2003) .... Viktoria
... aka Anatomy 2 (International: English title)
Nackt (2002) .... Emilia
... aka Naked (International: English title)
Nachts im Park (2002) .... Katharina Lumis
Resident Evil (2002) .... Dr. Lisa Addison
... aka Resident Evil (France) (Germany)
"Die Affäre Semmeling" .... Silke Semmeling (6 episodes, 2002)
- Sechste Folge (2002) TV episode .... Silke Semmeling
- Fünfte Folge (2002) TV episode .... Silke Semmeling
- Vierte Folge (2002) TV episode .... Silke Semmeling
- Dritte Folge (2002) TV episode .... Silke Semmeling
- Zweite Folge (2002) TV episode .... Silke Semmeling
(1 more)
Ein göttlicher Job (2001) .... Katinka Sirena
... aka A Goddamn Job (International: English title)
Late Night Shopping (2001) .... Madeline Zozzocolovich
Gripsholm (2000) .... Prinzessin
Longitude (2000) (TV) .... Queen Charlotte
The Announcement (2000) .... Rumour
"Bravo TV" .... Host (2 episodes, 1999)
- Episode dated 28 November 1999 (1999) TV episode .... Host
- Episode dated 4 April 1999 (1999) TV episode .... Host
Die Häupter meiner Lieben (1999) .... Maja
... aka Heads You Win, Tails You Lose (Australia: TV title)
... aka Tails You Win, Heads You Lose (Australia)
Männer und andere Katastrophen (1999) (TV) .... Judith Kern
Aimée & Jaguar (1999) .... Klärchen
... aka Aimee & Jaguar (USA)
... aka Aimee and Jaguar (Canada: English title)
Das Gelbe vom Ei (1999) (TV) .... Floris Blinker
"Camino de Santiago" (1999) TV mini-series .... Tea
... aka The Road to Santiago (Europe: English title)
Liebe deine Nächste! (1998) .... Isolde
... aka Love Your Female Neighbor! (International: English title: informal title)
... aka Love Your Female Neighbour (Europe: English title)
... aka Love Your Neighbour!
¿Bin ich schön? (1998) .... Vera
... aka Am I Beautiful? (USA)
Obsession (1997) .... Miriam Auerbach
... aka Berlin Niagara (France)
... aka Obsession - Besessene Seelen (Germany: TV title)
"Heike Makatsch - Die Show" .... Host (2 episodes, 1997)
- Episode dated 1 May 1997 (1997) TV episode .... Host
- Episode dated 10 April 1997 (1997) TV episode .... Host
Männerpension (1996) .... Maren Krummsieg
... aka Jailbirds


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