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Birth name:

Elizabeth R. Deans


Guage, Gage




Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA



Race or Ethnicity:


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United States


150 cm - 4 feet and 11 inches

Hair color:


Eye color:




Natural Bust:



Large Sun With M In Center On Small Of Back, Back Of Neck, Top Of Right Foot.


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Born Elizabeth R. Deans in Hot Springs, Arkansas on July 24, 1980, she has been an actress in pornographic movies since she was 19, working most often under the name Gauge; although sometimes credited as Gage and Paige. Her date of birth has also been noted less often and less likely as July 27, 1981 and she has been suspected of working in the porn industry prior to her 18th birthday. Gauge has done it all, including anal, oral, facials, double penetrations, double anal and the newly coined ATM (ass-to-mouth). She is most famous, perhaps to only a limited fan base, for her "anal sex handstand" where she receives anal sex while standing on her hands. Gauge started as a stripper in Arkansas where she met her then boyfriend and novice porn actor Mojo, who introduced her to director/actor Ed Powers. Together they made her first porn movie in 2000, More Dirty Debutantes #129. This film caught the attention of porn audiences due to what some would consider its excessively long and aggressive anal scenes. Her youthful appearance, modest breast size and short stature has made her the perfect portrayer for a number of "Lolita" and "teen" roles. Ostensibly, Gauge's career seemed to come to an end quite quickly. In November 2001 she split with boyfriend Mojo, who had recently proposed, because she'd found that he was engaging in non-professional relations with actress Kendra Jade. Gauge was also 3 months pregnant at the time, although no information is available on the outcome of this pregnancy. Gauge and Mojo continued to work together on a "professional" level even as Gauge began to refer to him as "the asshole" during interviews. Gauge has recounted how she almost died of alcohol poisoning in April 2005 after drinking too much at a strip club she was working at in Arkansas; her blood alcohol level was reported .4 (with the legal limit being .08). Gauge was married on May 14, 2006 to a man named Jason, and Gauge hasn't performed in porn movies for a number of years, although she has been a feature dancer at clubs in Arkansas.






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