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Eva Angelina


Birth name:



Eva Angelica, Angelina Del Mar, Angelina, Mike Quasar, Ava




Orange County, California, USA



Race or Ethnicity:

Cuban, Chinese, Irish

Sexual orientation:





United States


160 cm - 5 feet and 3 inches

Hair color:

Dark Brown

Eye color:




Natural Bust:



Back of her neck, her right ankle and lower back.


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Eva Angelina - Biography


Eva Angelina was born on the 14th of March 1985 in the Orange County, California. She is of Chinese, Irish, English and Cuban descent and attended Foothill High School (under her real name, Angelina Del Mar) in Pleasanton (frequently named as being in Tustin), California. After school she worked as an assistant accountant at a mortgage company when at the age of 18 years and three months old she entered the adult industry. Her debut year in porn included appearances for production companies such as New Senstations in their 'College Invasion' franchise (with Eva Appearing in both numbers 2 and 3 in 2003, and number 4 in 2004) and Platinum X (Teens Revealed 3), she also worked with the famed porn actor TTBoy in Asian Street Hookers 36. Since then she has appeared in approximately 142 video titles and countless scenes for internet sites and magazines under stage names such as Eva Angelica, Ava Angelina and simply Angelina. These videos have included work with famed production companies such as Vivid, Evil Angel, Red Light District, Zero Tolerance and DVSX while her magazine appearances have been with publications such as Hustler, Fox (of which the late Anna Malle was an editor for six years) and Genesis among others. All of this publicity has lead to her becoming one of the most popular fresh faces on the adult scene today, being one of the most popular teen actresses of the past couple of years. It is undoubted that her popularity will cross over to her new movies as she has passed out of the teen bracket and is proceeding with her career, despite some setbacks along the way.
Notable facts about Eva include her being so desperate to enter the adult industry that she was creating adult videos of herself along with random male friends of hers from the age of thirteen, which have since been destroyed (Angelina has stated in interviews that the only reason she got rid of the videos is that she was scared her parents and/or boyfriend would find and watch them). She has since been quoted as saying "What a cold cruel world we live in where a 14-year old girl can't even make pornographic movies of herself without fear of ridicule, let alone arrest". This explains her entry into the adult industry almost as soon as she turned 18 (after getting her break thanks to an advertisement placed in the 'OC Weekly' publication) and can go someway to explain the appeal that she has had to viewers since her debut as it shows how experienced she is and how much she loves performing.






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