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Emma Wiklund


Birth name:

Emma Sjöberg




Stockholm, Sweden



Race or Ethnicity:


Sexual orientation:



Actress, Model




5' 9½"


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Emma Sjoberg - Biography


Emma Sjoberg was born on September 13, 1968 in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1992 she appeared in Elle Australia Sassy US and Seventeen US. In 1993 she appeared in Elle Sweden and Sassy US. She had her best modeling years between 1990-1995. During these years she starred in George Michael's music video Too funky.

For a while Emma dated Ulf Ekberg from the Swedish pop group Ace of Base. But she is now married to Hans Wiklund and they have two children, one daughter and one son. Emma Sjoberg also appeared in the French film Taxi, along with the movie's three sequels. In 2004 she played Sonja in Big Kiss.

She sat on the board for Swedish fashion retailer Lindex in 2007. She also appears in their advertisements.


Emma Sjoberg - Filmography


Taxi 4 (2007) (as Emma Wyklund) .... Petra
... aka T4xi (France: poster title)
Big Kiss (2004) .... Sonja
Taxi 3 (2003) .... Petra
Taxi 2 (2000) .... Petra
Petite copine (2000)
Simon Sez (1999) (as Emma Sjoberg) .... The Dancer
Taxi (1998) .... Petra
Inferno (1995)


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Emma Sjoberg





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