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Amanda Marcum


Birth name:

Amanda Marcum




Mustang, Oklahoma



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5' 7"




Amanda Marcum - Pictures

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Amanda Marcum - Biography


Amanda was born on March 25, 1976 in Mustang Oklahoma. She started modeling when she was sixteen. Her first big assignments were in Paris. She is quoted for saying: "In Europe it was sink or swim. I was broke, lonely, unable to communicate; and rejected on a daily basis." For four years she traveled from country to country hoping for a breakthrough. The breakthrough came when she decided to dye her blonde hair red in order to capitalize on her resemblance to Rita Hayworth. Her career skyrocketed! She received recognition with numerous covers and appearances in Max, Elle, Vogue and many others. The editorial coverage lead to advertising for L' Oreal Cosmetics , Buffalo Jeans, and Panama Jack. She strolled down the catwalks for many designers, from Chanel to Jean Paul Gaultier.


Amanda Marcum - Personal Quotes


ďItís not much of a challenge being a model. Act sexy. Act sad. Itís not very mentally stimulating. Itís so funny when I meet people from the Midwest and they say, ĎOh, youíre a model. Are you going to school for that in New York?í Yeah, Iím majoring in walking and plucking my eyebrows.Ē


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Amanda Marcum





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