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Beach Sex


The beach is deserted as we pull up in my car. It is a glorious day and we are both dressed for the sun. You are wearing a simple stretch mini skirt, sandals and a bikini top; I am just in a t-shirt and shorts. I am feeling frisky with all of the sunshine and can't stop myself sliding an exploratory hand up your inner thigh, revealing a bare shaven pussy, already slightly damp. "Fancy some sandy action?" I ask. Your reply is a simple "mmmm."

We jump from the car and I grab your hand, pulling you along a narrow path between the dunes. As we reach the water's edge I glance along the golden sands. The only other people I can see are some guys surfing a way away and a guy walking his dog. I walk you into the ankle deep water. It is surprisingly warm and we paddle, hand in hand, splashing each other with our feet. Using a judo throw, I trip you over and send you to the sand, lying on your back in an inch of gently lapping water. I kneel over you and start to kiss your neck, biting and nibbling my way down to your bikini top. My leg is gently prising yours apart until my knee is able to rub against your bare pussy, the water trickling between your thighs. I pin your hands above your head and bite your nipples through the thin material of your bikini. You are grinding your hips against my thigh as I kiss the skin between your gorgeous tits. My cock is growing in my shorts and I slide down to press it against you, allowing you to feel

I release your hands and move my hand down to press my fingers between your legs, feeling the warm water where it meets your pussy lips. I slide a finger inside your hot cunt and gently begin to finger fuck you right there at the water's edge. You are moaning and your hand rubs across my bulge, teasing my cock through my shorts.

"Let me fuck you right here," I plead but you say no, and that you want to go into the dunes and get filthy with me. Your reply causes my cock to jerk again, and I climb off of you, helping you to your feet. You lean to me and whisper into my ear, "Fetch the blanket from the car, I will meet you in the dunes." I ask you where but you simply tell me that if I want to fuck you that badly I will find you!! With that you turn and run off out of sight amongst the tall grasses and the sand dunes. I jog gently back to the car and grab the big blanket from the boot. With it I take a bottle of suntan oil, lock the car and turn around to try and find you.

As I pass through the path again I scramble up onto a dune, scanning around to see if I can locate you. There is not a sign of you. Then, as I stand quietly, I hear a low moaning from a hollow in the dunes just ahead of me. As I walk towards the source of the sound I notice that the two surfers are closer to us now, but still a little way off. As I crest the next dune my eyes fall on a delicious sight. You are laid on your back with your legs spread wide, your skirt around your waist, and three fingers of your right hand buried in your pussy. Your other hand is pulling at your nipples, your eyes are closed and your hips are gently rising and falling as you fuck yourself.

I creep up to you and lay the blanket out beside you. I lean down and whisper softly in your ear that you might be more comfortable if you slid onto it. You duly do so, your hand not straying from your pussy, the fingers squelching as they plunge in and out. I strip quickly, my cock swaying in the warm breeze and I kneel down taking the bottle of oil and flipping off the top. I dribble a little into my hand and go to massage it into your naked tits, your top having been removed, but you tell me to stop and lick your pussy for you instead.

Instantly I drop the bottle and move down your body. As I fall between your thighs you slip your soaking fingers from your hot cunt and offer them to my lips. I suck and lick the warm juices from your fingers before plunging my tongue into your pussy to replace them. I begin to flick it across your gorgeous clit and gently tease your outer pussy lips, my hands applying pressure to your inner thighs, holding them apart for my exploring tongue.

As I continue my delicious task I hear you gasp and say "what the fuck?" I look up from my sanctuary to see the dog-walking guy rubbing oil into your rounded tits. He looks at me and simply says "I didn't want these lovely tits to burn," and you giggle, before taking his hands and moving them across your breasts. He is in his mid forties but looks fit and tanned, his dog nowhere to be seen. You look down at me. "Back to work pussy-licker," you order, and you push my head gently back down between your thighs. As my head descends and my tongue returns to its task, I hear you ask him to show you the contents of his shorts. I want to look up, but I do not want to interrupt my attention to your sopping cunt, the juices trickling out and running down my chin an indication of how much the situation is turning you on.

I hear a zip then you huskily moaning "mmm lovely," and I feel your body move under me. It is obvious you have taken the guy's cock into your mouth and are sliding your head back and forth along its length, which judging by your actions must be quite substantial.

I sneak a short peek and see him straddling your chest as he fucks your mouth, your hands on the cheeks of his backside. We continue for a couple of minutes, before you cum over my face gasping, "I need cock in my cunt, NOW!" You push the guy off and grab me by my hair to pull my tongue from your pussy. You stand up and order the guy to lie down. For the first time I can see his cock, long, thick and hard, wet from your saliva. As he drops to the blanket you swing your leg over him and drop onto his rampant cock, guiding it swiftly into your yearning pussy. You begin to bounce on it and then beckon me to stand in front of you. I lean over and you grab my cock, drawing it onto your hot mouth where the stranger's cock had been moments before. I feel your tongue flicking across my helmet and the powerful suck of your cheeks. The stranger's hands are on your tits and you are grinding yourself into him, shuddering as a vicious orgasm overtakes you.

My eyes are closed and my hips are gently pumping at your mouth as the three of us move together like one animal. They open when my cock is dropped from your mouth and I hear you say, "Hello boys, did the noise intrigue you?" The two surfers are stood beside you, the wayward dog between them, its collar grasped firmly in the hand of the taller of the two fit young wetsuit clad men. "No, we found this dog wandering on the beach and were looking for its owner. You look like your having fun, so we will tie him up and leave you all to it." With that you snap, "You will do no such thing." Your hands come up to rub the firm chests through the wetsuits, glistening black still wet from the sea. As my cock swings freely, and you continue to ride the dog-walker's cock, your hands drop to rub the rapidly filling crotches of the two young surfers. "I have a better idea," you say with a wicked gleam in your eye. "Take the dog's collar off," you instruct me. I do as you wish and hand it to you. "Put it

Leaving the dog inside I race back to the dune. The sight that greets me is straight from the hardest porn video. The taller surfer is now on his back with you laid over him. The other has his cock in your mouth and the dog-walker is stood behind you holding something in his hand. As I get up close I can see that it is the dog's lead, which he has clipped to your collar and is now using to pull you back against the cock in your tight wet cunt. As he does he is rubbing his cock with oil from the bottle, and as I stare open mouthed he starts to ease his cock against your tight arse. I cannot believe that you are letting this happen, but you are lost in ecstasy as these three strangers make you their bitch.

You notice me, but pay me no attention as you concentrate on enjoying your fucking. All three guys are now pumping at you, the dog-walker's cock deep in your arse. I have no choice but to pump my cock in my fist as I watch you. Suddenly the guy at your head snaps his hips backwards and pulls his cock from your mouth. His hand comes onto it and he jerks it hard. The first jet of hot come lands across your face, then you open your lips wide to let him shoot another straight into your mouth. Twice more his cock twitches and shoots hot cum into your slutty face, leaving it dripping with this horny surfer's young spunk.

This triggers the other two and they speed up their pumping. The dog-walker is tugging on your leash as he pounds his cock into your arse. I have lost number of the times you have come, as he pulls his cock from your tight rear and jerks his hot cum over your back, landing in pools along your spine. As he steps aside the other surfer continues to pump your hungry cunt. You sense that he cannot last much longer, so you lift yourself off of him and slide down to take his cock between your oily tits. As you hold them around his cock he fucks them, allowing me room to stand and ease my bursting cock into your mouth. The surfer grunts and I feel his come hit the underside of my balls, then my own orgasm starts. As the first jet hits the back of your throat you plunge your head down hard to take me right to the back of your mouth. I feel my balls empty into your hot mouth, and then you let me slip from your lips.

I move away and you climb off of the surfer. Your face is dripping with cum, your hair matted and your tits holding a river of sticky white spunk as it dribbles downwards. You flop onto your back, and look at the four guys who have just fucked you. Licking your lips you look me straight in the eye and say, "I told you I wanted to get filthy with you didn't I?" As my cock begins to wilt and the guys get dressed I have to admit that you did!!



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