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My Wife's First 3some


Here's a true story of what happened a while back when I set my wife up for a threesome with another guy!

This might of been my wife's first time, but it was the ultimate fantasy come true for me. See my wife Bridget and I have discussed this for a very long time. We've been married for 16 years and have been talking about it since we've dated. We talk about it all the time, during sex, after sex and almost any time I can get her to talk about it. We've always fantasized about the two of us with other people, Bridget and another girl, the both of us with another couple, and my favorite Bridget and another guy.

Hell I've even told her I wanted to fuck her slutty , big titted 44DD, Christina Applegate looking , 29 year old younger sister. See her sister is pretty much the outsider of the family and has been in alot of trouble, ranaway twice when she was younger and still does drugs to this date.

I actually saw her sister naked at a very young age for the first time many years ago. Her sister actually saw me watching her getting dressed and didn't even care. She got out of the shower, she was walking to her bedroom without a towel on. I saw her and we just looked at each other, she just smiled and went in her room. I just kept looking as she kept her door slightly opened. She saw me watching her, she then opened the door wider, stood at the doorway there for a few seconds, smiled and proceded to get dressed so I could see her!

Her and I actually talked about it a few times and she's even asked me if I would like to see her again! Her sister has discussed many of her actions to my wife and I , telling us alot of her sexual experiences and how many guys or girls she fucked or been with, about 50! For instance when she was 14 her ex-boyfriend and his friend had her bent over a shopping cart behind a market late at night! She said she was being fucked by one and sucking the other one and after awhile they switched!

She also told me once while I helped her move that she was offered money and had sex with an older man at her apartment complex. We joked around and I asked her how much for me and she responded "For you free anytime , let me know when". I stood in amazement and she walked away, let's just say it's been awkward since. She's told Bridget she fucked for drugs alot when she was younger. I've been discussing my wife's sister and us for about 10 years now, I'm hoping after what I'm about to tell you what I did for my wife that I'll get me chance to be with her whore of a sister one day!

But for now , the one I wanted to try the most, was to see my wife get fucked by another guy! See we have a great marriage, we love each other very much and have sex frequently and she's absolutely the ultimate fuck in bed! She gets totally into it, she's very sexual, loves dancing, stripping, she's very orgasmic, she bucks, bounces , moves her hips like she's dancing on you, she's into moaning, screaming and talking dirty! She loves oral mainly giving and sometimes receiving, anal play and anal sex as long as I am gentle and go slowly, being on top, sex in the shower, her toys and she's even been an an exhibitionist on occasions on vacations at the river and in Mexico!.

It was our first day in Cancun, Mexico back in 2002, Bridget and I came back to our hotel after a long day at the beach. We went on the balcony to see the view and started watching the people below, we started kissing and grabbing each other. The balcony had a clear glass and a curtain that seperated our balcony and the room next to us balcony. We didn't notice that our curtain was pulled back , we've been drinking all day and were buzzing from the margaritas! We didn't care and just started kissing and taking off each others swimsuits.

Bridget then sat down on the chair outside and spreaded her legs, I started sucking her pussy! Bridget was moaning and had her feet on the arms of the chair. She was loving it, it felt really cool knowing anybody could hear her. I wanted to see how far she'd go fucking around on the balcony so I asked her to stand up, I gave her a big kiss and instructed her to bend over and I told her to put her hands on the rail. She had no problem with it, she giggled a little , threw her hair back, moved her legs apart and asked me "Like this?". I got on my knees and started fingering her, licked and caressed her pussy. I kept fingering her from behind banging the fuck out of her pussy! Bridget laid her head on the rail moaning, screaming as I continued this for about 15 minutes!

After she was enjoying our view of Cancun, my wife looked to our side and I heard her say "Oh shit!", I stopped and asked her "What's up?" Bridget then said "The guy next door is watching us!" I looked , Bridget and I stood up and sure enough the older guy next door ( he was about about 55-60, distinguished looking, caucasion gentleman, gray hair, tall slightly overweight ) was watching us, I told Bridget "Let's go inside!" Bridget then surprised me and said "I'm having fun , Let him watch, were in Mexico , he does'nt know who we are!" " I don't care!" "I don't care if you don't". I said "Your right he doesn't know who we are". Bridget then bent over again and put her hands back on the rail acting like that it was no big deal. So I got back on my knees and continued banging and sucking my wife! Bridget just looked at him, waved and smiled. The guy seemed stunned and close the curtain a little bit but continued to watch, he eventually opened it more as he got hornier. He knew we could see him.

Bridget said "Fuck me now honey, I want you".

I then answered "No suck me first baby!".

My wife now got on her knees and started to suck me as I leaned back and held onto the rails. I kept asking her if she loved being watched , she would just respond "uha uha" and "MMM". I fucked her mouth and was holding her head , I looked at the guy and gave him a hang loose sign. He laughed, opened his curtain wider so now we could see him standing there. He pointed to his cock, I shrugged my shoulders and pointed at Bridget as to let him know if he wanted her to suck him he would have to ask her.

I told Bridget " He wants you baby" .

Bridget pulled my cock out of her wet mouth and responded "Does that turn you on knowing another man wants me?"

I answered "Oh yeah baby, keep sucking honey show him how good you are!"

Bridget then started sucking me faster and deeper, stroking me and fondling my balls.

My sexy wife then got up and said "Oh well I guess I'll let him see a little more!", she then bent over at an angle holding onto the rail so her ass was facing him. She moved moving closer to his window. She shook her ass at him and told me "Fuck me honey, let him see what he can't have!" I started fingering her as I stood behind her so he could see her wet dripping pussy. I then opened Bridget's cunt really wide and started banging her with four to five fingers! I wanted to fuck her and move her closer so he could see more of her. So then I told Bridget to bend over right next to his window, Bridget smiled at him and bent over with her ass inches from his window! I then slowly slid my cock into Bridget so the guy could see.

The guy could'nt beleive it! He smiled and then Bridget touched the window as to grab his cock, then he pulled his cock out of his pants and started stroking himself ! My wife saw this and said "Look baby I gave him a hard on!" Bridget and our neighbor kept making eye contact while she played with her tits and sucking her fingers as I continued fucking her from behind.

Minutes later the guy came all over his hand and shorts. I started slapping her ass, grabbing her tits, fucking her faster and faster till I came inside her. After I came, my wife blew him a kiss, grabbed the window as if to grab his cock , waived goodbye and we went inside.

We saw him and his wife later that evening as we were going to dinner, in the hallway walkway and Bridget said hi to him and actually started speaking with his wife in the elevator. The guy and I just looked at each other and raised our eyebrows! We saw him a couple more times walking around and he would just look at Bridget and smile.

We saw him in the pool later that week , I was laying out and Bridget went to the poolbar. I saw Bridget talking to the guy, I just laid back and waited for my wife. Bridget came back and I asked her what took so long. She told me that the guy was at the poolbar and he actually walked behind her and pushed his body up against her, Bridget said his cock rubbed her wet ass really good. She said she just turned around real fast and then he started talking to her , as they continued talking he got closer to her and put his hand on her shoulder, he kept getting closer to her and talking in her ear. He was telling her how hot she was and that her husband was a lucky guy.

Bridget said she sat on the pool barstool and said he kept rubbing her wet legs and he would keep getting closer so Bridget's feet touched his cock a few times. He was telling her how sexy she was when we were fucking. He said he fucked his wife really hard that night!

He bought her a couple of drinks, Bridget let him touch her legs and she continued playing footsie with his cock! Bridget said she just flirted with him trying to make him horny! . We kept our curtains opened all week long , my wife like the idea of the guy watching her. He saw her and I a few more times having sex, Bridget actually got dressed and undressed so he could see. Later that week he talked with us a few more times and asked if he could join us for a threesome, Bridget told him if his wife joins sure no problem! We all laughed about it and that was the last time we saw him.

So as you can see my wife's no angel. I knew someday that we'd be doing some crazy sexual situations. Bridget's awesome sometimes she takes sexy pictures for me, plays light tie up games with her love cuffs, dresses up almost always and even does the nasty dance stripper thing! But that one thing was missing, I really wanted to try swinging and other sexual ideas! See my wife seems like a good girl , she works for a prestigious company, she's a mom, into our kids sports and is the sexy neighbor down the street! Bridget is a very sexy and active 37 year old, she works out and walks every day with her best friend. She's tan all over(except the thong tan line) , has shoulder length sandy light Blonde hair, 36C's with perfect nipples, 125 lbs, 5'' 7", long legs , the tightest athletic ass and a pretty shaved pink pussy thats to die for! We both take very good care of ourselves, myself I'm 40 look 30 , 5' 7" 155lbs, also tan, professional , still have all my real dark brown color hair no gray, great shape and work out every day. We are not typical in any way. We love the finer things in life, travel, wine, good food and great sex!

Anyways one night about a month ago, we had an intense crazy sex night, you know the toys, videos, a sexy oufit and high heels and of course the camera! Anyways while I was fucking her with her 10 inch long and 2 and a half inch around wide soft jelly vibrating dildo and licking her pussy in a 69 position, I asked her how she liked sucking a cock and getting fucked at the same time. She answered "I love it honey, keep fucking me with the vibrator and deeper!!!" As requested I took that dildo and shoved all ten inches into her wet wide pussy, Bridget was screaming and yelling the fuck me's, oh fucks,ums and the ughs! As she got more intense and totally into it as I now was fucking her pussy fast and deep with the vibrator and sucking her clit and fingering her ass at the same time telling her "Bridget see this is what it's like to have two guys!, oh babe you love it don't you?", I then told her again that I would really love to see her with another guy and I want it to happen sooo bad.

Then to my surprise after years of waiting she pulled my cock out of her mouth and said "Honey if you find the right guy I'll do it!". "He better be hot, tall, muscular, young and hung!" Then she laughed and continued to suck my cock and our sex got so intense that after about an hour of wild kinky sex , we just ended with her lying on her side as I held her close from behind and my limp, wet cock was still between her legs but just outside her pussy but gently rubbing her pussy.

Bridget then said in a very concerning way "Honey are you sure you can handle me with another guy?" I then told her "Babe I can handle it if you really want to do this, I love you and I would love to see you being turned on by someone else". Bridget then said "Oh Nicolas this will be so much fun and exciting, I love you so much, I promise it'll just be sex!" I continued to massage her back and tickle her, then I slowly moved in and around her moist pussy till I got hard again and put my hard wet cock back into her and fucked her slowly and gently from behind.

After I came we stayed in that position as I held her tight and kissed, tickled and massaged her back again. I asked her again and Bridget replied "Honey I'll do it I promise, I really want to do this, just find me the right guy, to be honest honey I've been thinking alot about it and I really want to try it too, I just could'nt think on how to bring it up with you, I really do if you want me to, but remember it's your idea!". So Bridget turned around and we kissed and held each other and talked about it all night till about two in the morning. We talked about the jealousy thing, that it was my idea, that this was not going to be an everyday thing, that it did not mean I could be with other women. (which she also said maybe if she really liked this maybe we could hook up with another couple, but one thing at a time). She said no geeks or fat guys, she wanted a young very tall attractive young guy. She said she would definitely do it if I found the right guy!

I really wanted this to happen so the the next day I took the day off and looked everywhere on the net and even put a swinger ad at six different sites. I was on the computer all day and night. I went on the computer on a quest looking for a young stud!

Sure enough after about a week, I found him. His name way Jake, we e-mailed each other and exchanged pics and phone numbers. Jake was perfect! A young 22 year old guy, 6ft 2inches 180lbs excellent shape a five or six pack, the muscular tan MTV Spring Breaking kinda of guy and most of all what my wife wanted...10 and a 1/2 inches and about three inches thick! He lived about a half hour from us near the beach. My wife loves the beach!!! We talked over the phone and had lunch the next day. I showed him a photo album I keep of my wife of sexy, nude and hot pictures. There alot of my wife in sexy outfits, very provocative poses and naked pics of my wife. He was so excited! He kept saying "Are you sure?", "Your wife doesn't look like the type" "Is she okay with this?" I told him the deal and told him everything!! I told him I would get back to him as soon as possible. I was trying to find the right moment.

The right moment came a week later when my wife told me that in a coouple weeks she wated to have a birthday party for her friend Alissa. So that evening I e-mailed Jake and invited him to my wife's girlfriend Alissa's birthday party at our house and gave him the date. We stayed in touch by e-mail and I even called him a few times from work , discussing our plan of action. I told him there would be alot of people and my wife would not suspect anything. I later told my wife that I met a pretty cool new guy at work and we've become friends, and we really got along so I invited him to the party. Bridget said "Great!" They'll be alot of people and maybe he'll meet a girl here! I just laughed my ass off when she left the room. So all that time prior to the party I e-mailed and called Jake and discussed the plan. I would go to bed every night just thinking of the possibilities.

Well the weeks went by slow of course and FINALLY that Saturday arrived! We got up early took the kids to grandmas and spent the day preparing for the party and cleaning the house. My wife went upstairs to change in her cleaning clothes and when she came downstairs I almost flipped! Bridget was wearing her very tiny tight very low hip huggin cotton stretch white shorts (she normally wears these just before we have sex or as a cover up at the beach!) and a short t-shirt that exposed her awesome tanned stomach.

No bra or panties, she said she wore it just to tease me and to remind me that a lot of guys will be watching her tonight so I better be nice to her or she'll find someone to take her back to their place! I wish! Luckily for me she was kidding.

My wife was dancing sexy around the house and teasing me, I told her I'll never get work done now. I asked her "How about dressing like that always?" She answered "I'll definitely wear them next time we are on vacation okay?" I said " I'll hold you to that promise!" Every time I walked by her I'd start kissing her , grabbing her ass and tits, trying to finger her and rubbing her barely covered pussy. Bridget pulled away and finally said "Honey stop please, we'll never finish, wait till were done then when we take our showers I'll suck you off really good!" How could I resist, so I cleaned like a motherfucker! I mean I cleaned fast and better than any maid we ever had!

The house looked sparkling clean when I got done! After cleaning for almost all day we went upstairs, very quickly undressed and took a shower together. I watched my wife get all wet, then I pulled her close and started kissing her, we hugged and rubbed our bodies against each other, my hands on her ass and Bridget's arms around me. I sucked her tits, fingered her ass and moist wet pussy, Bridget had my cock in her hand and slowly stroked me. We cleaned and soaped off each other , I washed her hair, her ass and feet! I then motioned to my wife Bridget to suck my cock, she then sat on our bench in the shower and as I stood in front of her , Bridget then took my cock in her hand and started stroking me and rubbing my balls with her other hand and now started licking and sucking my cock!

She's always been a very good cocksucker ever since I met her at 16! See she's always had alot of experience and growing up at a very young age, Bridget said she never fucked anyone till she met me, but she did alot of oral with all her ex-boyfriends and alot of guys she knew , met and dated. She would tell me stories that guys would call and come over, then her and the younger guys would usually walk down the street to the park and if she was with the older guys she would go in their car and make out at the park by her house and she would end up sucking their cocks! I loved it!

I then watched as my wife sucked and swallowed all of of me! I must of cum about a quart! There was cum cumming out of the sides of her mouth and running down her chin! Bridget continued to lick all my cum up and started to suck my limp cock again and tease me rubbing my balls till I got hard again , she then jumped up and bent over on the bench on all fours with her ass up, shaking and wiggling her ass & pussy right in front of me and very loudly told me "It's my turn baby" "Fuck me I want you!" "Take me from behind!" "I want you right here!". I told her "Baby, No not now, Not now everyones coming soon and besides I want my tight little girl tonight and I want you brand new for me tonite. I have a surprise for you!" I mean we had not fucked for about 10 days, we've both been busy and it was that time of the month last weekend. And besides that I really wanted her being her best for Jake!

She was a little disappointed but said I was sweet and what was the surprise? I said "Tell you later! "We finished our shower and got dressed. Myself it was slacks and a dress shirt. My wife asked what she should wear and I told her something sexy for me! (I really meant for Jake!) She said "After leaving me hot and bothered in the shower I should dress up for all the other guys that will be here!" I said "Go ahead , you know I love it!". She said "OK" and laughed and said what would I like her to wear. I told her a short skirt and a sexy top. She had her robe on did her hair (which seemed like forever!) Then she dropped the robe walked over naked to her panty drawer and asked me "How do I like these?" She was holding up her tiny white lace thong panties. I said awesome and told her to put on her short lower hip huggin white tight stretch material skirt. She went into her closet picked it out and put them on! She looked hot! She said that she didn't want to wear a bra tonite and put on her white blouse which she tied in front so that it revealed her pierced belly button and her tight stomach. That and she put on her white 4" platform heels! She was ready! The short skirt, the short top and her blonde hair! I just kept thinking what Jake would think!

We went downstairs, it was still early , I fixed us some drinks, margaritas for my wife , a very strong one. (I knew if she was drunk or even feeling good she'll do anything I want!) Myself it was Coronas and tequila shots, By the time anyone came my wife finished her margarita and took a couple tequila shots. It started!! She was feeling good, feeling sexy , dancing sexy around the house to the music we put on and acting like a stripper and was acting a little silly but in control, I knew if she kept drinking all night and having a great time this would work! The guests now started coming, alot of my wife's friends from work and neighbors came. My wife's girlfriends other close friends came and then the birthday girl, my wife's girlfriend Alissa came. She's known Alissa since 9th grade, a very awesome looking blonde that at 37 looks better than chicks half her age! She has that sort of club girl look! She's a sexually and sensually attractive woman, every guy growing up always thought she was the better of the two, myself I'm partial to Bridget. Alissa is a just recently divorced hottie! I should say a very rich divorced woman. She took her ex for everything! Anyways she looked awesome in her very tight white tank dress that barely covered her huge tits and was very short and kept riding up her thighs all night! Yeah I watched her! And what I saw of her ass I don't think she was wearing any panties! Yeah I've always wanted to fuck her also! My wife and I have even fantasized about the three of us! We said Happy Birthday and she gave my wife and I a big kiss, all in good taste, Alissa said "Hey you started partying already without me?", My wife then took her by the hand and rushed into the kitchen to get her a drink! It was her birthday party and this party meant more to me than it did her!

So the party started about 7:45pm, everyone was drinking, dancing and having a great time. Well it was about 8:30pm and a the doorbell rang, I went to answer it and sure enough it was Jake! He looked good also wearing slacks and a dress shirt, but it was tight showing off his muscles. We shook hands and I told him this is going to work if we stay cool and keep giving my wife drinks. I told him to meet me outside in a while and I'll tell him what I have planned.

So I took Jake around introducing him to our friends , all the girls went gaga and asking where he came from. Then came the moment I've been waiting for...I introduced Jake to Bridget, they shook hands and Bridget asked how he like working with me, which Jake responded "Everythings working out great so far". Bridget then said to me "You didn't tell me how great looking Jake was". We all laughed and then I told Bridget to show Jake around and introduce him to everyone while I made more drinks and see whats up with the food and stuff. So Bridget took Jake by the hand and showed him around. About an hour later Bridget was feeling pretty good (I kept her drinking strong margaritas all nite), she kept huggin on me, hugging Alissa and yes she was even hugging and hanging on Jake! I later saw Bridget, Alissa and Jake all holding hands going upstairs to our bedroom. Jake later told me that my wife told him she had to go to the bathroom and also wanted to show him the house upstairs! Jake also told me that when she went into the bathroom she left the door opened and he said he saw Bridget lift up her skirt and saw her thong and ass as she walked into the bathroom. He said he was sitting on the edge of the bed and the birthday girl, Alissa my wife's girlfriend kissed him and gave him her phone number. After my wife was done they all came back downstairs. I told him later that he should of fucked them both right there! I would of loved it!

Well the party was going on, everything going just as planned! Bridget was drinking and so was Alissa. They were the center of attention all night! They were dancing sexy together, getting other girls to dance with them. Bridget was everywhere, there were times when I did'nt even know where she was. Later Bridget and Alissa were dancing with alot of different guys and I vene saw Bridget slow dance with Jake a few times.

I thought if my wife's doing it why can't I? So when the next slow dance started I asked Alissa to dance , we held hands, had our arms around each other, we talked small talk at first, she told me how lucky she was to have friends like us and thanks for the birthday party. I told her it was not a problem and it gave us a great excuse to have a party! I was just kidding . We joked and talked about on how drunk she was getting, and she hoped she was'nt getting out of hand and was'nt getting too fucked up.

Guys know that girls never can be too fucked up! Now I felt a little brave being a little buzzed and knowing Alissa was drunk, so I told her how nice she looked and told her I especially liked watching her dance with Bridget! Alissa just looked at me and said "You liked that huh?? You like seeing Bridget with other women?" I said "Yeah what guy wouldn't?" Alissa replied "You would let Bridget be with another girl?" I answered back "If that is what Bridget wanted I would stand behind her and as long as she was happy it would make me happy!" Alissa said "Good answer! Would you like to see Bridget and me?" I just smiled stunned and I said "Alissa, I would love to watch you both". Alissa replied "Just watch? You would'nt want ME and Bridget?

I answered "Alissa you don't know how bad I want the both of you!" , then Alissa whispered in my ear softly "How about just me?" "Do you want me Nicolas?" I then pulled her close to me one arm around her small little waist and then I grabbed Alissa's ass pulling her tight against me, and whispered back to her in her ear , "Oh yeah, I want you Alissa, I've always wanted to be with you, ask Bridget. We've fantasized about you before in bed" Alissa then told me "I know, Bridget tells me everything!" "She told me a long time ago, but I was married and I didn't know if I should" "I told Bridget a few times I wanted to be with you both, but I just couldn't being married and my ex husband was so prudish he'd call me a slut and get mad if I even brought up any fantasy or just a sexual conversation". I looked at Alissa and said " That sucks, if I've known this before I would of personally invited you over to be with me and Bridget!"

Alissa replied "Would you like to be with me now?" I could't believe I was having this conversation, so I just kissed Alissa on the cheek , took her by the hand, we walked off the makeshift dance floor in our dining room area and went to the bedroom hallway and stopped at the end where it was dark and I pulled Alissa closer to me and put my hands up her dress and started kissing her , grabbing her ass and tits! And to answer the question of earlier , she was not wearing any panties as I now had my hands up her dress and was caressing her pussy and grabbing her ass! We kept this up for a few minutes and Alissa now had her hand on my cock and rubbing the outside of my slacks. We were now against the door to one one of the guest bedrooms, my back was against the door so I reached behind me and grabbed the door knob and opened the door and we both stumbled in quickly and went in still kissing, I shut and locked the door. Alissa just looked at me with those pretty big eyes and turned around and sat on the edge of the bed. We were still holding hands, then Alissa let go and started undoing my pants! She unbuttoned and unzipped my slacks and gently rubbed my cock thru my boxers, then she pulled them down and took my hard cock in her hands and stroked it and played with my balls, she kept teasing me acting like she was going to suck me, she'd open her mouth and acted like she was going to put it in her mouth, then she'd move her head and slightly touch my cock with her hair and come up and give me a big smile, she kept this up for a few minutes then she looked up at me and said "You want me suck you don't you? I answered "Oh Yeah come on Alissa suck me , quit teasing me baby, come on" "Suck me Alissa", "I've wanted this for so long!" Alissa then kissed and licked the head of my cock, stroked me a few times , played with it and my balls, she kissed the sides, licked and tongued me, she ran her tongue from my balls to the tip of my cock!

She sucked my balls a little bit, then when I thought she was going to tease me again, she then opened her mouth and went as far down as she could on my cock!. (Not as far as Bridget, but good enough!) She sucked me with her moist lips, going up and down on me and stayed on my cock for quite awhile, not coming up for air for at least 5 minutes!, She took it out of her mouth and licked and stroked me slowly at first ,then she put my cock back into her mouth and increased speed as she felt my reaction. I grabbed her tits , touched her face and played with her hair. I grabbed her huge tits and massaged her shoulders, I told Alissa I've wanted this since I met her when she was in high school! I even told her I wanted to ask her out when we met, but she had a boyfriend.

Alissa then said "You should of we could of been lovers, I would of said yes, I cheated on that guy a few times!" I then told her that I wanted her to tell Bridget she wanted to fuck me so the three of us can do this all the time! I told her don't tell Bridget about this time, till we are sure she's okay with the three of us first! Alissa sucked me hard and fast, I started feeling it and told her "I'm going to cum baby, swallow me Alissa, swallow it baby!", I came in her mouth a pretty good amount, she seamed to like it and took all of it sort of and not that much came out of her mouth!

I pulled out of her mouth leaned over and gave her a big kiss! As we kissed she stood up and I pulled pulled off her dress and started rubbing rubbed her pussy and told her it was her turn, she just smiled. She laid back on the bed, spread her legs , I then got on my knees in front of her and put her legs over my shoulders and back. I started fingering her and opening her pussy with two fingers as I licked, sucked and tongued her clit. She was moving everywhere and moaning and wimpering. All I could hear is Alissa's sweet little voice telling me softly "Oh Nicolas, your making me so horny , I feel so alive! It feels so good" "Oh Nicolas, suck me baby" "Don't stop honey please", "Oh , UUU uuummmmm". She was moving all around and within minutes she started getting louder telling me "keep that up" and "don't move" "I feel it", Sure enough minutes later Alissa came in my mouth! Alissa was telling me "It's been so long since someone has given me an orgasm and I haven't had my pussy sucked in years!" " She tasted great I couldn't see why her ex-husband hadn't done this to her all the time. I told her "You should of called me earlier, I would of done this to you all the time! I stopped and got on top of her and gave her the deepest and wettest kiss! Alissa looked a me and held me tight and said "I want your cock inside me now!"

I really wanted her so bad, but I knew if I pulled off tonight I probably would get another chance. I had to stick with my initial plan of Jake with Bridget. It was the hardest decision I had to make. I pulled Alissa's hands away from my cock and I told her "Alissa I can't, not right now okay?" "I'll tell you later why, you'll understand better" "Sorry, I can't tell you right now" "We have to get dressed we've been gone awhile, tell Bridget or anyone if they ask we went to the liquor store and they didn't have the tequila we were looking for." "Alissa I want to fuck you so bad, I really do honestly, I really want you to talk to Bridget about the three of us!" "Trust me if you talk to Bridget about this tomorrow I'm sure she'll think about it and who knows!" "Maybe next week we'll get together just the three of us okay?" "Alissa it will be worth the wait trust me!" 'We'll have to wait okay Ang?" "How about you talk to Bridget about it and see what she says, were both pretty drunk right now, you might forget this and just think I was using you, but if Bridget is in agreement let's get together next weekend."

Alissa kissed me and grabbed me and said "Are you sure you don't want me now?" I pulled away and said "Fuck don't look at me like that!", she gave me a kiss on the cheek and a light peck on the lips and said "I'll talk to her I promise, we are going to finish this and tell Bridget all about it!" Alissa got up and went into the bathroom. I left the room undetected and no one even knew we were gone. It was now about 12:30pm and some people were leaving and some were getting ready to leave. My wife's girlfriend Alissa was now telling people she wanted to go dancing at a club or move the party to her house. I thought my plans were going to be fucked up! I the heard Bridget say "I'm too fucked up honey I'm going to stay home, and Nicolas really wants to fuck tonite and so do I! Its getting pretty late, but thanks call me tomorrow."

Alissa gave me another nice kiss on the lips and gave my wife a big hug and told her "Bridget I'll call you tomorrow and maybe come over okay?" Bridget said "Call first Ang we might sleep in!" Alissa then left with a couple from my wife's work, I went "Whew!" And I quickly walked over to Jake and took him aside and told him what happened, he just laughed and said " Now this better work with your wife or your in deep shit!" I laughed seriously and said to him "Don't go, tell them your pretty drunk and your going to stay here, act like your going to help clean up and lets wait for the right time!". Jake said "Sounds great, think it'll work?" I said "Oh yeah!" "Bridget's pretty fucked up. We'll need to get her in a position and a situation she can't get out of, just follow my lead". We both started laughing knowing that there was more at stake. My marriage, if Bridget didn't do this and she found out about Alissa and me she might flip! Well everyone said they're goodbyes, my wife then asked me "Is Jake leaving?" I told her he's pretty drunk and I told him he can spend the night downstairs in the spare bedroom." "He also said he'll help clean up!" Bridget said "That's nice of him". Just then Bridget gave me a great big kiss and said she loved me and said "Lets clean up tomorrow let's go to bed!". Thinking my plans might get fucked up I told Bridget that we should clean a little bit since Jake was here to help, Bridget said fine in a drunken voice , I then told Jake we were going upstairs to change and to make his self at home.

So Bridget hanging on to the handrail very tightly as not to lose her footing and me went upstairs to our bedroom to change and when we got to our room, Bridget was all tipsy and silly started dancing sexy moving her hips and ass while she started getting undressed. She kicked off her heels, tore off her shirt and very sexy slid out of her skirt. Bridget was now standing naked in front of me. She had no panties on. I asked her where did her panties go? Bridget said "I cant remember, I think I gave them to someone". I said "What?" Bridget said "I was playing a game with some guys and girls, I don't know" Bridget then said "I saw you dancing sexy with Alissa, did you have fun with her?" I said "Yeah we had a great time she's cool, I've always liked her you know that". Bridget walked over to me still nude and asked "Do you want to fuck her?" I told Bridget "Baby I would love to fuck her and YOU, it's always been my fantasy to see you with another woman, I love you and I want you, we were just talking about you and how much we both care for you!" Bridget looked at me and said "You want me don't you honey?" I told her "Oh yeah look at my pants". Bridget was now all naked still dancing slowly and then stood in front of me and said "Fuck me baby!". I said "Bridget, Jake is downstairs he's expecting us to help him clean". Bridget in a fucked up drunk voice said "Oh shit, Nicolas find me something to wear, we'll clean a little then come back up". Bridget was now all naked hugging me from behind as I was looking thru her closet. She was so out of it I knew I could pick anything so I chose her a white short sheer see thru babydoll with the spaghetti straps that came right up to her crotch! . I helped her put it on since she was drunk and really didn't care what she was doing. I didn't even tell her to put on panties and she didn't notice at all either! So I said "Lets go!"

We walked downstairs, myself just some cotton pajama shorts and a t-shirt and Bridget drunk, barefoot , no panties and a sexy outfit that I knew would drive Jake crazy! Jake was in the kitchen putting stuff in the sink, when he saw us walk towards him I looked at him and smiled and motioned to him a thumbs up letting him know everything was working out great! My wife and I walked in the kitchen, I made her a margarita (extra tequila!), Bridget took the drink and drank almost half! I watched Jake look at her , his eyes and expression said it all! Jake then said "Damn, Bridget you look hot!" "Your husband is a very lucky guy!" She told Jake "You look hot also Jake!" "I saw all the girls looking at you tonight." "But thank you and thanks for staying and helping out, your such a sweetie". Bridget gave him a tight hug and little kiss on the lips. Jake was right, Bridget looked so hot in her babydoll, especially in front of Jake, she didn't even really notice what she had on I found out later. Bridget just sat at the table and drank , while Jake started washing the dishes. I picked up trash, then Jake and I moved some furniture back, we all cleaned up the trash around the house, Bridget poured herself another
margarita and continued drinking.

I then told Jake to follow me into the kitchen and told him to wait for my sign. I told Jake that Bridget was really drunk now, so I went into the kitchen, and walked up behind Bridget and started rubbing her back and arms, kissing her neck and rubbing the sides of her back gently brushing her tits with my hands, I then started caressing her tits, she was totally getting into it! She loved it! She then stood up and gave me a big hug , I then told her to put her hands on the kitchen counter , slightly bent over and moving her hips in a sexual way, shaking it side to side, I then pushed my crotch against her , she was now moving up and down on me and pushing her ass on my hard cock! We started grinding together, it was so cool to have Jake standing a few feet away and watching us together the whole time.

I moved my hands under her babydoll and as I started pulling her babydoll up and rubbing her ass and legs, I went for her inner thighs to touch her pussy, as she moved her hips, I felt her move away then Bridget turned around and said in a drunken, but sweet voice "Honey , Jake's watching us" I said "I know, I don't care." Bridget then said in a soft sensual voice "You like when I'm nasty honey? , Your a bad boy, you like when I'm drunk, you, you like to take advantage of me don't you?" I said "Yes baby do you mind Jake watching us?" Bridget caressed my face, kissed me , looked at Jake and said "No it's cool, I'm drunk, and it's your fault, I'm yours do what you want!' , she laughed in a playful voice and then gave me a kiss and a big hug!

So I had Bridget turn around and hold onto the counter and I again started massaging her all over , her tits then I started caressing her ass and inner thighs gently touching her beautiful bald pussy. Bridget now bent over and spreaded her legs with her tits hanging, ass and pussy exposed so Jake could see her! Jake could see everything! I started grabbing her tits,massaging her arms, ass and thighs, I massaged her arms and back some more while Jake was now standing right next to me watching and getting a close up of view of Bridget!

Aftre a few moments I took Bridget by the hand, she asked me where we were going in her sexy voice and I walked her over to our couch, I told her I can give her a better massage on the couch. I then told her to sit in the middle, I told Jake to sit on her left behind her and I sat on her right on front side of her. I asked her "Would you like Jake to massage you baby?

Bridget still very drunk and tipsy drunk told us "I'd love to get massaged by both of you! I want all your hands all over me!" I said "Are you sure babe?" Bridget now feeling in the mood just said "Come on Jake massage me and show me what you got!" Jake then started rubbing her shoulders and Bridget had her legs across my lap and I was massaging her legs, thighs and knees, it was pretty hot and awesome, here we were the three of us! Another guy , my wife and me! Jake was massaging her back,

Bridget said "Jake honey, it's okay if you go under my nightie ". Jake and I just looked at each other and smiled, he started massaging her really good, he was giving her an awesome backrub and arm massage Bridget was loving it! This went on for about fifteen minutes, I figured it was time! I continued massaging her legs and now started rubbing her thighs, I went up pretty high and I could tell she loved it as she looked at me and gave me the biggest smile! I now had my fingers inches from her inner thigh area and pussy, so I decided to go for it! With a move of the hand as I massaged her inner thigh, I caressed the outside of her pussy, Bridget sort of clamped her thighs together then relaxed again, then I put a finger gently touching her entry way, she was wet I could feel it, just then I pushed two fingers up her pussy, just then Bridget reacted , put her hand over her pussy and moved mine away, just looked at me in shock, smiled, laughed and yelled out "OH Nicolas WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME" Jake and I just looked at each other, I then broke the ice! "SURPRISE!" "Bridget remember you said if I found the perfect guy, well Jake is the guy!"

She looked stunned at first (but remember she was drunk, I mean she was still drinking and she sort of knew what was going on but I knew she was out of it) she looked at Jake smiling and said "Did you guys have this planned all night?" We both nodded "Yeah", Bridget then asked Jake, "Jake, do you really work with Nicolas?", Jake looked at me I motioned to him tell her the truth. Jake said "No, we met over the Internet". Bridget said " I knew it, your too hot looking to be working at his company, you should model or be on TV"

I grabbed Bridget's hand and asked her "Baby are you okay with this?, Are you mad at me? Do you want us to continue or do you want Jake to go home?" Bridget leaned over and gave me a kiss and said "Well, let's see get massaged and fucked by two great looking guys, ummm hard decision" "Ok guys you better give me an awesome massage first!"

Jake said to Bridget "Ok but you have to do ME a favor take off your nightie, I can't massage you right with it on!" Bridget stood up, started dancing sexy, holding and drinking a beer now she got earlier, moved her body very sexy a little mini strip dance and walked in front of Jake and took a big drink of her beer set it down on the side coffee tables and lifted her nightie over her head and threw it at Jake, he started smelling it and asked her if he could have it, of course Bridget said "Oh yeah!".

I told Bridget "Stay there in front of Jake, hey Jake what do you think?" Bridget was totally naked standing in front of Jake and with her hands behind her back. Jake held her hand and said "You are sooo sexy Bridget, you look awesome for your age, you look alot better than alot of girls much younger than you!",

Bridget said thank you, gave him a little kiss on the lips and turned around bent over and showed us her ass , wiggled it a little , Jake caressed and touched Bridget, rubbing her with both his hands up her inner thighs and gently touching her pussy, Bridget moved in rythym with his hands, then she sat on Jake's lap, he was now massaging and caressing her tits and legs, kissing her neck, I sat and watched as Bridget was giving Jake the stripper moves, rubbing her ass on his hard cock. Then she got off Jake's lap and sat between us and said "Ok I want my massage!" We got in position Jake behind her with Bridget's legs on my lap, all of us started really getting into it! Jake was kissing her neck and back, massaging her back and sides and was gently rubbing, grabbing and caressing her tits, Bridget just moaned and now had her head against Jake's! Bridget had her legs spread and I had my hands in her inner thigh area and still massaging and getting closer to her opening, each time I would massage her thigh I would get closer and I was now gently fingering her wet pussy, moving it slowly inside her, one, then two fingers.

Bridget looked at me and said "I love you honey, thank you for my surprise!"

I said to Bridget "Enjoy yourself honey and don't be afraid to say or do anything okay?" "This is youre night!!"

Bridget looked at me, smiled and said "Okay, remember I love you baby, I'm drunk and remember this is for both of us".

After about 10 minutes of fingering Bridget, I removed my wet fingers from her wet slit , moved Bridget's legs off me and got off the couch and got on my knees and started to suck, lick and finger her pussy. Bridget was now moving her head back and started kissing Jake!! My dick was so hard, so I got up and took off my t-shirt and shorts so I could stroke myself , then I continued to suck Bridget, she was moaning, telling Jake how drunk she was and that she's never done anything like this before , she was now moving her legs on my back and bucking up and down, I continued sucking her and fingering her for awhile, I now had four fingers moving fast and hard deep inside her, I was watching her kiss Jake and trying to grab his cock! I now wanted Jake to suck Bridget.

I stopped got up and told Jake "Jake come taste my wife!"

I then told Bridget, "It's Jake's turn!!"

Bridget replied "Oh Jake you want my pussy? Is that what you want Jake?"

Jake looked at Bridget, kissed her and told her "It's just the beginning of what I want to do to you!".

Bridget gave him a big smile , she moved over and sat up in the middle of the couch with her legs spread, she then told Jake "Take off your clothes, I want to watch you!" I couldn't believe what I was hearing, my wife telling another guy she wanted to watch him strip! Jake stood in front of her and started to take off all his clothes, when he got to his boxers Bridget grabbed his cock and started stroking his cock thru his underwear, she then started licking and kissing his cock thru his boxers, then she would playfully bite him, Bridget kept commenting how big it must be and that she couldn't wait to see it, Bridget then pulled his boxers off, Jake's huge cock just popped out and the look in Bridget's eyes were words enough for me to tell she loved it and probably couldn't wait to have his cock inside her!

Bridget then said "Oh my god, Nicolas he's huge!" I said to her "I know, he showed me already, I wanted you to have your fantasy guy, I know you've always wanted a huge cock so here you go honey!" (I mean I'm no slouch either being 7 inches and pretty thick, but Bridget always talked about having ten inches, well she got her wish!) Bridget continued stroking Jake, she held him in her hand stroking him till he got really hard , licked the tip, flickering her tounge on him, tounged his cock all over, then what I've been waiting for for years, Bridget put her mouth over his cock, fondling his balls, gently stroking him and started sucking Jake slowly, then deeper and faster. She sucked him for quite awhile while I watched the two of them.

I guess Jake was close to coming , because he pulled out of her. ( Jake told me later that he actually came in Bridgets mouth and she just swallowed it!) Jake then got on his knees and told Bridget it was her turn. He fingered her pussy, moving apart her pussy lips and started sucking her, tounging and fingering! It was such a turnon watching the two of them together, Bridget was really getting into it now, moaning, bucking her hips, biting her lips, playing with Jakes hair and saying things like "OOHHH Jake, that feels so good baby, finger my pussy honey"

She was even telling Jake she couldn't wait to feel his cock inside her, I was just like am I here? I stood next to them and sat on the arm of the couch and started stroking myself, I couldn't help it I really loved watching Bridget and Jake together! I watched as Jake licked and fingered Bridget, Jake was sucking her clit and putting his long tongue deep inside her, moving it in and out, it was pretty cool watching this young stud violate my wife and seeing my wife's expressions,being pleasured and experiencing the best sex she ever had! Every time Bridget and I looked at each other she would just smile and wink. It was so intense watching Jake suck Bridget and watching my wife rub her clit! Bridget was trying so hard to get her orgasm that after about 20 minutes I watched her cum in Jakes mouth, she screamed and squirmed, Jake loved it!

I couldn't take it anymore so I stood up on the couch and put my cock in front of Bridget who happily and smiling grabbed my cock and started sucking me! She now had two guys! One guy sucking her cunt and one guy in her mouth, me! Being sober or drunk, she sucks like an animal, never choking, taking it all the way down, sucking my balls, slurping, swallowing all my juices and tonguing the sides of my cock inside her mouth! I've seen alot of pornos, but to this day no one, I mean no one sucks a cock better than my wife! Bridget was now in total Ecstasy, her eyes shut, grabbing her own tits, touching herself, me and Jake, moaning, grunting and moving her ass to Jakes sucking rhythm. I held her head and started pumping her mouth, fucking her mouth deeper and faster till I had to cum, I yelled out "Bridget I'm coming swallow me baby, swallow me Bridget" Bridget started stroking me and swallowed all of me! I pulled out out of her, we all stood up, took a breather, Bridget went to the kitchen for a beer and came back. Bridget then pulled Jake against her and told him "I want your cock Jake, come fuck me now!"

"Jake fuck me, I want you so much, I want you now, fuck me now Jake please I want you!" I couldn't beleive what I was hearing , Jake told Bridget "If you want me to fuck you, you'll have to suck my cock first!" Bridget said "No problem, if thats what you want baby!" Jake and Bridget hugged and kissed as he had his hands on her ass. Jake and I now went to sit on the couch as Bridget now picked up her beer and finished it, licked her sexy pouty lips,then got on her knees between us and took my cock in her right hand stroking me and then started stroking and sucking Jake with her left hand!

I stroked my cock with Bridget's hand as I watched her suck and swallow Jake, I really loved watching her giving Jake's cock such attention! Bridget then let go of me and gave Jake the full treatment, fondling his balls, stroking him fast, licking and sucking his huge cock! She gave him the suck of his life, she kept trying to get all of him in her mouth, but she kept trying and coming up for air. Bridget told Jake "Your huge I dont think I can go all the way down on you." Jake just told her she was doing an awesome job and dont stop just suck what she can and stroke him. So Bridget continued sucking him, but five minutes later she started alternating , sucking Jake then me, then Jake, then me........ She kept this up for a long time, sucking one of us for a few minutes then move over and suck the other guy!

This was the biggest turn on all night! Bridget proved right there she can handle two guys no problem!! I then got up and ran upstairs to get my camera, I had to take pictures of her first time with another guy! Bridget yelled out "Where you going?" I said "Don't worry about it I'll be right back!" So I went upstairs and got my camera, looked for film, loaded the camera and this couldn't of took longer than 10 minutes, I then heard Bridget yelling pretty loud and saying "Fuck me Jake! Fuck me Jake, oh baby, oh oh oh OOOHH, OH Jake OH Jake!,

I hurried up and went downstairs and sure enough Bridget was now sitting on Jake squatting on her knees on top of him with her arms around him, facing him , her arms around him, kissing him and bouncing on his cock, her face against his, and fucking him while he just sat up and cupping her ass in his hands!! It was so cool watching Jake's cock slide in and out of Bridget's cunt! I started taking pictures while they continued fucking for about a half hour, Bridget then started smiling at the camera , it's a really great picture, Bridget smiling she looks about twenty in the picture! And fucking Jake well they look perfect together! I kept taking pictures, watching the two of them! Watching her pussy stretch and move on him drove me crazy, I just stood behind them for awhile longer and watched this young stud totally fucking my wife. Jake then picked Bridget up and laid her on the couch long ways and continued to fuck her as her legs were now around his shoulders!

I asked Bridget "How does his cock feel inside you baby? Do you love it?"

Jokingly she said "What do you think?" She asked me "Do you want to know honestly?"

I said "The whole truth!"

Well Bridget looked at me and told me the truth " OH, I love it, I love his cock baby, he feels so good, he's filling all of my pussy and touching places that you never did honey", "It hurt at first, but he feels so good now, oh fuck I cant tell you how great this feels" "Being with Jake....uh uh uh....him being alot younger.... makes me feel younger, wanted and sexier!"

Bridget was now gasping for air and breathing heavily.

Bridget was now asking me "Honey can I fuck Jake anytime I want?" "I love fucking him baby he feels so good!".

I said "I'll tell you what you get me a young 18 year old girl and as long as you tell me about you and Jake and tell me everything!"

I also told her "Does this mean you'll try swinging and let me be with other women? "Can I fuck anyone I want?!"

She smiled and said "Maybe we can work something out, what do you think Jake?"

Jake just laughed and said "I think that's fair, if you get to be with me or other guys , hopefully me more than other guys" Jake then said "Dude I have the perfect girl for you, she's hot and I think she just turned 18, she's always partying with us and a few of my friends have fucked her and said she's really slutty!" Jake told Bridget "You can be with other women Bridget, right Nicolas?"

I said "Jake's absolutely right, you can be with other women anytime!"

Bridget laughed and kissed Jake as he continued to fuck her! I just started taking more pictures, telling Bridget "smile, spread your legs, touch your pussy, touch Jakes cock, kiss Jake, squeeze your tits" Bridget and Jake got up , Bridget got on all fours , put her hands on the back of the couch as she bent over with her knees on the couch. Jake then opened her up and stuck his cock deep inside her wet cum filled pussy! I started getting behind them taking great shots of Jakes cock in Bridget's pussy! I took the whole roll! I put the camera down sat on the couch, next to Bridget so I could kiss her as Jake fucked my wife, Bridget started stroking my cock and leaning over and kissing me! Jake was getting more comfortable now as he was now slapping her ass and pulling her hair!

As he continued fucking her , Bridget kept asking me "Do you love me? Are we okay? Does this turn you on? I'm doing this for you Nicolas." "I love you very much Nicolas, please don't divorce me!"

I told her I loved her with all my heart and kept reassuring her that there's nothing that can split us up and this was a new beginning in our life. I told her that I know this was everything I wanted and I hope that she loved it and wanted this as well. Bridget then asked me to get her another drink, so I got up stark naked, hard cock and all , went into the kitchen and fixed her a margarita with enough tequila to fuck her up more than she was!

As I fixed the drink I just watched Bridget and Jake fuck each other, it was so cool seeing them together! I really loved watching my wife with him! I walked up gave Bridget the drink and she sucked half of it down! I now knew anything I wanted her to do would be no problem! I then told Jake put your cock in her ass! Bridget looked at me and smiled and said " I thought this was your ass?" I said " it's everyones ass now baby, especially Jakes!" Bridget loves anal , so I knew this would not be a problem. Jake then put his finger in her wet asshole in and out , then two fingers, as he continued fucking Bridget, she was enjoying this so much, Bridget was moaning, wimpering and gasping for air again. Jake then pulled out of her pussy and slowly and gently slid his cock in her ass! Bridget slowly rocked on him, a few minutes of this and now he started fucking her faster!

Bridget was screaming "Fuck my ass Jake, fuck me oh fuck me!"

I then stood up on the couch, shoved my cock in her mouth as Jake fucked her from behind! Bridget grabbed my cock,started licking and tounging my cock. I held her head and asked her to take all of me ,which she did, she continued getting fucked by Jake , sucking my cock for quite a while. Hearing Bridget moan and wimper while she was doing this turned me on so much I started to cum. After I pulled out of her wet mouth, Jake started fucking her faster then came in her ass, he pulled his cock out of her ass and told Bridget " I want your pussy again Bridget, stay on your hands and knees I want to fuck your pussy from behind!"

Bridget willingly and smiling just said "I love it Jake fuck me all you want, it's my favorite position!" Jake now slipped his cock back into her loose cunt and started fucking her pussy from behind as I watched from the love seat next to the couch. Seeing Bridget getting fucked from behind, her tits bouncing and her hair hanging was the ultimate fantasy come true! Bridget was screaming now, "Fuck me hard Jake, slap my ass", Jake obliged and started slapping her ass and grabbing her tits really hard! He was now pulling her hair again and fucking her very fast, This must of turned Jake on because minutes later Jake was kissing Bridget's back and hugging her from behind and holding her close as she moved her selfup so Jake could hold her better , they now had the side of their faces against each other and now Jake told her he was cumming. It was so cool, it was like they were making love! They moved faster and in a sexy rythym, then Jake came in her, they just held each other and kissed for a bit, Jake then pulled out of Bridgets pussy very slowly. Bridget sat very close to Jake as they were now touching each other and tickling and caressing each other. It's like they couldnt keep their hands off each other! We all talked a bit, then after about a hour Bridget got up and held both our hands, said "I'm still horny!" and led us up to the bedroom and crawled on the bed , laid on her back, legs spread and asked Jake "Do you want me again?" Jake now laid next to Bridget, they kissed and fondled each other , Jake got on top of her and now slid his ten inch cock back into her and started fucking her again.

He fucked her missionary pumping her faster and deeper , he laid behind her and fucked her sideways, Jake and Bridget 69'd for awhile Bridget on top as Jake had her pussy spread and open above him as he sucked and banged her pussy! I got up off the bed and sat on the loveseat and enjoyed watching the two of them fuck. Damn! Bridget looked awesome fucking this young guy! Jake was fucking Bridget every way possible! Bridget was now on her hands and knees and Jake started fucking her doggy style, fucking her wet, very red, used pussy and slapping her ass, calling her a slut and a little whore! I loved it! I was now very hard and horny, so I got up and put my hard cock in Bridget's face, she grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth, I started caressing , playing and pulling her hair and pushing her mouth on me and I now started calling her Jake's little whore.

Bridget was now taunting us telling us "Treat me like a whore guys, I want to be your slut!" "Slap my ass Jake"

"Nicolas can I be Jakes slut anytime I want?"

I then told her "Whatever you'd like Bridget, whenever you want him just call him yourself!"

Jake just looked at me, I just told him to keep fucking her! Bridget after a few minutes told Jake to get on his back so she could ride him! Bridget was now on top of him riding him like a good cowgirl! This went on which seemed like an hour, but then I think Jake came a few times as he had a look on his face and at that moment Bridget got off him and told me to lie down , got on top of me, put my cock inside her and fucked me with her very wet cum filled cunt. She was huge, wet and very hot! Just the way I like my ladies, very loose and wet! We kissed and fucked like we have never fucked before!! I grabbed her tits hard and rough, pumped her pussy as deep as I could, I know it wasn't as deep as Jakes but she loved it! I kept fucking her and watching Bridget lean over and kiss Jake as he was now sitting next to us, they continued kissing while I fucked her and after awhile, Jake stood up, gave Bridget her drink and she finished the rest!

She was really drunk now, this was such a turn on, I didn't even care if she remembered! Jake then stood up on the bed and put his cock in Bridget's face, she took it in her hands, she began stroking it and licking and now started sucking Jake trying to get him hard again.

I told Jake, "When you get hard, get behind Bridget and fuck her in the ass and I'll fuck her pussy!" "Bridget you want to be be DP'd?" "Bridget you want both of us don't you baby?"

Bridget all fucked up and still moving on my cock replied "Oh yeah , I'd love it honey, Jake already loosened my ass up, you've always wanted this haven't you Nicolas?

It'll be fun though , you guys better be gentle, oh shit it's going to hurt!" Bridget continued sucking Jake who was now getting very hard and big. Jake pulled his huge cock out of her mouth and got behind her. I slid down a little bit and Bridget was now on her hands and knees bent over me as she had my cock in her pussy, I gave her a big kiss and told her to get ready. Jake was now playing with her ass, fingering her and trying to make room for his cock! Bridget was loving it and moaning in pleasure for now..... I kissed her and stopped fucking her and didn't move as Jake was trying to get in her ass again . Jake kept giving us an update how much he had in her, I could see it in Bridget's facial expressions, she looked in pain, but to be honest I didn't care I wanted her to be fucked up her ass again by Jake and experience her first double penetration. Jake was now moving slowly in her, I was now also moving slowly, Bridget's expressions were now getting better, she looked to be enjoying it, breathing a little better, she even moaned and smiled at me.

I now told Jake "Fuck her dude, fuck my wife, fuck my little whore Jake, fuck her hard, slap her ass she's been a very bad girl!" Bridget just looked at me so innocently and said "Am I bad girl honey, Do you love me to be a bad girl?" I kissed Bridget very deeply and wildly and told her I love it when she's bad! Now she was getting into it moving with us and telling Jake "Fuck my ass , give me more Jake, I want all of your cock in my ass, I'm your bad girl Jake spank me baby!" He gladly obliged spanking her ass and fucking her deep and faster! Jake said to Bridget "Your such a nasty little slut arent you?"

He then started spanking her ass harder , Bridget was like "oh, am I a whore Jake?" Am I your bad girl Jake?", I could feel his cock in her ass as I fucked her cunt! I really loved having my wife fucking another guy,I didn't realize how much till we both started fucking her at the same time! This was absolutely the greatest sex Bridget and I have ever had together! I knew this was the beginning of something that would make our marriage stronger! Jake was now pretty deep, Bridget was screaming "Oh fuck, fuck my ass, fuck me , make me yours Jake!" I put my hand over her mouth and told her to be quiet, that neighbors might hear her, Bridget just said "I don't care, let me see them get fucked up the ass by Jake's cock and be quiet!" "Oh Jake , Oh Nicolas you guys feel SO goood!"

Just then Jake said "I'm cumming Bridget, do you feel it?" She said back to him "I feel it, cum in my ass Jake, oh fuck , oh fuck, I feel it Jake, it feels warm and wet!" Now I started pumping her faster then started cumming , I gave Bridget a kiss, just then she collapsed in my arms and she whispered in my ear, "I love you, I love you so much Nicolas, thank you baby". I held her tight as all three of us just layed together for a few minutes, then Jake pulled out of Bridget and she just let out a huge moan "OOOOOHHHH, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!" She got off of me and just laid betwen us as Jake and I on seperate sides of her just tickled and touched her all over. It was now about 2:50am and Bridget gave Jake a deep kiss and then asked him not to leave and to spend the night with us.

Jake then looked at me and asked me "Dude are you cool with this?", I told him as long as he doesn't touch me he's cool. We all laughed and crashed and went to bed. Bridget was the first to fall asleep she had her ass against Jake's cock and her face facing me. I went to sleep, but later that morning about 4am I heard Bridget wimpering, moaning and I felt the bed move, I woke up opened my eyes a little not letting them know I was awake and sure enough Jake was fucking her from behind! I just turned around and let them have some private time together! (Bridget later said she didnt even remember fucking him again!) Jake and I woke up about 9am and let Bridget sleep in the next morning. I took a shower, got dressed, sat with Jake and we both watched some TV when about 11:30am Bridget got up dressed in a short silk robe, came out saw Jake dressed only in boxers and went "Oh my god! "Your still here?" "I honestly woke up thinking I was dreaming!" I got up gave her a kiss and said "Bridget did you have fun last night?"

Bridget looked at us all bashful, shy and confused and said " I know I was drunk and really can't remember much, I was pretty fucked up, danced and I think I had sex with both of you, did I, what did I do honey, Oh my god! Tell me!" I said to her "You don't remember?" She replied "Yeah sort of, but not really, but refresh my memory." I then got up gave her a big kiss , took off her robe and walked her over to Jake and sat her naked on his lap. I then asked her "Do you remember now?" Jake grabbed her tits and they started kissing. Bridget then said "It's coming back slowly, but keep it up!" I sat there watching these two touching, kissing and grabbing each other for a few minutes. I then told her Jake has not taken a shower yet that I would love to see them both fuck in the shower.

They got up walked upstairs, I waited downstairs for awhile and I heard the water running, then after about fifteen minutes I went upstairs , Bridget and Jake were in the shower soaping each other, I sat on the toilet seat and watched the two of them thru the glass shower doors, they were washing each other all over, shampooing each others hair, kissing, hugging and touching each other everywhere! After awhile of doing this Bridget sat on the seat in the shower and started sucking Jakes huge cock, watching Bridget all wet sucking Jake was the ultimate turn on! Bridget licked and fondled his balls, stroking him in a slow rythm. She ran her tongue all over his cock then engulfed his stiff huge cock with her mouth! Now Bridget's head was bobbing up and down as she continued to suck Jake. She would look up at him as to seek his approval and to see if he enjoyed her!

After awhile of this Bridget pulled his cock out of her mouth and started stroking him fast, then Jake grabbed his cock and squirted his huge load of cum all over her face and tits! Bridget had cum all over her, running out of her mouth and sticking to her tits! Bridget washed her face, Jake washed the cum off her tits and Bridget now laid back on the long marble shower seat, spreaded her legs and Jake started to suck her pussy! Jake continued sucking her, fingering her and grabbing her tits, Bridget was so turned on she started rubbing her pussy. All I could hear is the water and Bridget screaming, moaning and grunting! As Jake was pleasuring my wife he was also stroking himself.

After awhile Jake's cock was stiff again, he then stood up and slid his cock into Bridget's wet cunt and started fucking my wife again! I was so excitied seeing the two of them together! I continued watching, stroking myself and watching Bridget closely! I wanted to remember this forever! After getting fucked for awhile, Bridget got up and bent over, knees on the shower bench and Jake proceded to fuck her pussy from behind, I watched Jake fuck her for a litle while and I couldn't take it anymore, I had to get in the shower now! I opened the shower door and stood right in front of Bridget and she grabbed my cock and slid it into her mouth and she started sucking my cock with the hot water all over us!

Jake and I were smiling, looking at each other knodding knowing we have her and she's ours now! We started high fiving each other and telling Bridget how awesome she was sexually! Jake kept telling her she was the best fuck he ever had! He also told her she couldn't beleive her age and said she was much a better lover than girls younger than her! About a half hour of this and I came in Bridget's mouth, just then Jake started cumming, Bridget told him to cum inside her please. Jake was now cumming in my wife's cunt! I could see cum just dripping out of her wet cunt!

After we all came and washed off, Jake and Bridget dried each other off. We brought back Bridget's memory and the three of us continued to fuck all that Sunday. I must have watched them fuck for hours, mostly watching and sometimes joining in. I actually left for a few hours doing errands and checking on our kids. When I came back sure enough Bridget and were fucking in the living room again! They just could'nt get enough of each other!

We were saying goodbye at the door, Bridget had on only a t-shirt o, Bridget and Jake held hands, kissed very sensually goodbye, he grabbed her ass with both hands, caressing her tits, he then told Bridget to call him. Bridget started grabbing his cock and teasing Jake. he tried to get away but still let Bridget grab him!

Jake said "Look what your doing baby!"

Bridget said "I can't leave you like this!"

Bridget then got on her knees and started to undo his pants and the proceeded to suck him! I just stood in amazement! Jake and I just watched her suck him off, she was actually enjoying it more than us! Within minutes Jake came inside her mouth. Jake pulled up his pants and Bridget got up, they kissed again, they said their goodbyes and Bridget watched him leave. When she shut the door , she gave me a big kiss , told me "Thank you honey, I love you so much!" I told her I loved her also and trusted her and I know she was not emotionally attached.

"You know I love you and only you baby" "Jake will just be my lover and my fuck". Bridget also said she really did enjoy fucking him and she asked him if he had any young friends like him! Bridget told him she was going to ask me if it was alright if he brought friends over next time! I was shocked , but this is exactly the kind of wife I want! Bridget and I had an all night conversation about Jake, swinging, other girls & guys and she made a point that she definitely wants to see more of Jake and will definitely be willing to meet another couple for friends first and we'll see where it goes from there. Bridget called Alissa when Jake left and they talked for hours!! I know they told each other everything! Bridget said that the three of us need to get together this weekend and talk more about the party and our friendship together! I'll let you all know what hapened next time!



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