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Broken Hymen


I was a 14 year old girl when this happened to me I will never forget it. It was a hot summers night. I went to bed at 9 because i was so tired that day. I remember waking up at around 11 because I had forgot to turn on my fan. I got up turned it on and lay back down again. Still too hot. I took off my pj's. I was now just wearing a pair of green panties. I still couldn't sleep so i got up and walked around my room.

I looked in my mirror. I had long brown hair that just went past my shoulders. My eyes were blueish grey. I was fairly short, at 5'3. I looked down at my pre-teen breasts. I had always imagined them getting really big. (although they never did...)

I reached up and cupped one in my right hand. I was thinking about what my mother told me today about sex, self pleasure and the difference between a guy and a girl. I had had my first period that day, I was really scared until my mother explain it to me. I tried to imagine what a man's peter would look like. She said that it actually had to go inside me somehow. I reached down and pulled down my panties.

I had just started growing hair down there, but it was blonde and was hard to see. I touched the folds of my pussy. It tingled a little. A strange feeling, but nice at the same time. I noticed then , my small pink nipples became hard and stood out. I took one in between my thumb and forefinger and pinched it a little. Ohh, it felt so good! I couldn't explain what i was feeling.

I began thinking of this cute guy in my class, I was trying to think of what his peter would look like. I imagined him and I having "sexual intercourse", or whatever mother called it. I felt that weird tingle in my pussy again. I reached down and felt around with my hand, while my other continued to play with my nipple.

I soon discovered that my pussy had lips that I could spread open, making it tingle even more. I felt wetness and pulled my hand out. It didn't feel like i peed... I smelled my fingers. It was a deep musky odor. Something I've never smelled before. I lay down on my bed because my legs felt very weak all of a sudden.

When i brought my hand down again, my pussy was even wetter. I spread open my lips with two fingers and looked down and I saw what I would learn later on to be my clit. I was amazed at the whole new world I found. I felt around with my other hand touching everything exploring my self for the first time.

When I touched my clit, a wave of feelings washed over my body. I felt my pussy become ever wetter. I learned quickly that my little virgin clit was extremely sensitive to touch. I had to stop playing with it after a while.

I had an idea. I got up and sat down at the old computer i had in my room. I typed "self pleasure" (as my mother had said) in google. I was stunned at what I was led to. There were pictures of lots of different women showing their private parts in videos and pictures. I saw them going the same thing i had been doing before but some women had their fingers deep inside them.

I rolled the chair back and looked down. Some of that liquid had dripped out on the chair and floor. I touched my wetness and brought my fingers up for a taste. It tasted... sweet almost. But very strange to me. I did like it though.

Using some of the pictures I found as a reference, I began to look for where all these women were putting their fingers inside themselves. It didn't take me long. My finger slipped right in up to the first knuckle. I felt around a little. It felt so good! My cunt was so tight. Instinct took over from there. I slid my finger in until my whole finger was in. Then I pulled back out and this I tried two fingers. I found that I couldn't put it in as far without it hurting a little. I began to explore the inside my pussy with my fingers. I could feel this kind of pressure in my stomach, and this strange feeling beginning to build up inside me...

By now I was panting, my breath was becoming short. I didn't know what was happening. I was scared but excited at the same time. I curled my fingers up to feel the upper wall of my vagina, and I touched this rough spot. It drove me over the edge. I felt a huge wave of orgasmic bliss wash over my whole body, as I spasmed my whole body went stiff in my chair. I can't describe the feeling I felt. I let out a small cry, and I could feel the inside of my pussy convulsing and trying to pull my fingers deeper. I rammed my hand back and forth inside my little cunt and I felt a lot of pain. I let out a loud scream. It felt painful and good at the same time. I would learn later the I had just broken my hymen. I closed my eyes and just lay there with my fingers still deep within me.

My mother came in soon after hearing my scream, and she realized quickly what happened.
She talked about it to me for quite some time. After she left I finally got to go back to sleep. In the nude of course!



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