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Sofia Vergara


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Sofia Margarita Vergara


La Toti




Barranquilla, Colombia



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Model, TV Personality



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Co-host of Fuera de Serie


5' 7" (1.70 m)

Sofia Vergara



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Sofia Vergara - Biography


Sofía Margarita Vergara (born July 10, 1972) is a Colombian model, actress and entrepreneur. She was raised bilingual in English and Spanish, making her transition simple from being a performer in Latin America in Spanish to becoming one in the United States in English. Dubbed "Sofia Viagra", Vergara was already rather well-known in North America from her modeling work, and her first notable acting job in English was in the movie Chasing Papi.

Vergara was born in Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia. Her mother is a homemaker and her father produced cattle for the meat industry. "Toti" was the nickname given to Vergara by her five brothers and sisters and many cousins, including television news anchor and reporter Carlos Vergara, who works for WTVJ in Miami, Florida. She grew up in her hometown of Barranquilla and was raised in a well-off family, attending a private bilingual Spanish/English school. Vergara was married at the age of 18 to her childhood sweetheart, and she gave birth to her son Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara September 16, 1992 at the age of 20. After her divorce, Vergara studied pre-dentistry at a university in Colombia for three years. Then, many opportunities arose to work in modeling and in show business, and Vergara decided to pursue these in Latin America. Soon she decided to move to Miami, Florida, to take advantage of opportunities and to move away from unrest in Colombia (her older brother had been murdered in 1998 during an attempt to kidnap him that went awry). She brought her son, mother, and sister with her.

Vergara was discovered by a photographer while walking on a Colombian beach. Soon she was presented with attractive offers in modeling and television work, and she considered accepting them. Having been raised rather conservatively and religiously, this was confusing at first. According to an article in the January 2002 issue of Maxim, Vergara was "apprehensive about doing her first television commercial—until her Catholic schoolteachers gave her their personal permission to take the assignment." Vergara made her first appearance as a performer at the age of 17 in a Pepsi commercial that was widely broadcast in Latin America. In order to support her son, mother, and younger siblings who needed her financial support in the absence of her father, who had left the family, Vergara dropped out of college to earn an income.
Vergara moved to Bogotá Colombia, at the age of 20, where she worked as a model on the runway and on television. From 1995 to 1999, she was co-host with Fernando Fiore on Fuera de Serie ("Out of the Ordinary" or "Over-the-Top"), a travel series that sent her to exotic places around the world. It was telecast on the international Univision Spanish-language television network, and it made her a star in the Latin American market. It also gave Vergara television exposure in the United States via the Univision stations there. She co-hosted the Univision show A que no te atreves ("I Dare You"). She appeared as a guest star in the season-four opening of the HBO series Entourage.
Besides runway and catalog modeling work, Vergara did independent projects. She was photographed for posters and swimsuit calendars in 1998, 2000, and 2002.
Vergara is 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) tall, and she has naturally light brown/sunbleached-blonde hair (for movies and television, she is sometimes asked to color it brunette to make her look more typically Latina). Vergara was under an exclusive television contract with Univision for several years, and after it expired she accepted a role with the ABC network in the United States. Vergara appeared on the ABC situation comedies Hot Properties and The Knights of Prosperity. She currently stars on the ABC sitcom Modern Family as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett.
Vergara plays Alicia Oviedo in the Colombian version of the television show Desperate Housewives, which is called Amas de Casa Desesperadas—her character is the equivalent of Mary Alice Young. She also appeared on the ABC drama Dirty Sexy Money as Jeremy Darling's love interest. Vergara has made guest appearances in the Mexican telenovela Fuego En La Sangre.
In 2002, Vergara was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer.
In 2008, Vergara was 62 on Maxim magazine's "Hot 100" list.
In 2009, Vergara had a five-week stint on Broadway as "Mama" Morton in the revival of Chicago.
In November 2009, Vergara appeared as a guest on U.S. television talk show The View. During her appearance the women asked her how she handles looking so young and having an 18-year-old son. She then made a joke saying she can just say she was raped when she was thirteen, to explain why she looks so young. It was meant as reference to typical storylines in Spanish soap operas. In the awkward video footage Vergara is seen laughing while host Whoopi Goldberg gasps in astonishment.


Sofia Vergara - Personal Quotes


"I’ve been big-breasted since I was 13. I even told my mom, 'When I’m 18, I’m going to have a breast reduction.' And she would tell me, 'When you’re 18, you won’t even think about doing that.' She was right. Since then no one’s been able to cover them."


Sofia Vergara - Filmography


"Modern Family" .... Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (15 episodes, 2009-2010)
- My Funky Valentine (2010) TV episode .... Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
- Moon Landing (2010) TV episode .... Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
- Fifteen Percent (2010) TV episode .... Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
- Not in My House (2010) TV episode .... Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
- Up All Night (2010) TV episode .... Gloria Delgado-Pritchett
(10 more)
Madea Goes to Jail (2009) .... T.T.
... aka Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail (USA: complete title)
"Men in Trees" .... Pilar Romero (2 episodes, 2008)
- New Dogs, Old Tricks (2008) TV episode .... Pilar Romero
- Kiss and Don't Tell (2008) TV episode .... Pilar Romero
Meet the Browns (2008) .... Cheryl
... aka Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns (USA: complete title)
"Fuego en la sangre" .... Leonora (10 episodes, 2008)
- Episode dated 19 February 2008 (2008) TV episode .... Leonora
- Episode dated 14 February 2008 (2008) TV episode .... Leonora
- Episode dated 13 February 2008 (2008) TV episode .... Leonora
- Episode dated 11 February 2008 (2008) TV episode .... Leonora
- Episode dated 10 February 2008 (2008) TV episode .... Leonora
(5 more)
"Dirty Sexy Money" .... Sofia Montoya (4 episodes, 2007)
- The Nutcracker (2007) TV episode .... Sofia Montoya
- The Watch (2007) TV episode .... Sofia Montoya
- The Country House (2007) TV episode .... Sofia Montoya
- The Game (2007) TV episode .... Sofia Montoya
"The Knights of Prosperity" .... Esperanza Villalobos (13 episodes, 2007)
- Operation: Romanocorp (2007) TV episode .... Esperanza Villalobos
- Operation: Open the Safe (2007) TV episode .... Esperanza Villalobos
- Operation: Rent Money (2007) TV episode .... Esperanza Villalobos
- Operation: Steal the Safe (2007) TV episode .... Esperanza Villalobos
- Operation: Oswald Montecristo (2007) TV episode .... Esperanza Villalobos
(8 more)
"Amas de casa desesperadas" .... Alicia Oviedo (23 episodes, 2007)
- Adiós por ahora (2007) TV episode .... Alicia Oviedo
- Un día maravilloso (2007) TV episode .... Alicia Oviedo
- Domingo en el parque con Jorge (2007) TV episode .... Alicia Oviedo
- Ya no temas (2007) TV episode .... Alicia Oviedo
- Vive sola y me gusta (2007) TV episode .... Alicia Oviedo
(18 more)
"Entourage" .... Village Girl (1 episode, 2007)
- Welcome to the Jungle (2007) TV episode .... Village Girl
Grilled (2006) .... Loridonna
"Hot Properties" .... Lola Hernandez (13 episodes, 2005)
- El día de compasión (2005) TV episode .... Lola Hernandez
- Grrr... (2005) TV episode .... Lola Hernandez
- Killer Bodies (2005) TV episode .... Lola Hernandez
- It's a Wonderful Christmas Carol on 34th Street (2005) TV episode .... Lola Hernandez
- Whatever Lola Wants (2005) TV episode .... Lola Hernandez
(8 more)
Four Brothers (2005) .... Sofi
Lords of Dogtown (2005) (as Sofia Vergara) .... Amelia
... aka American Knights (Philippines: English title)
... aka Dogtown Boys (Germany)
"Rodney" .... Carmen (1 episode, 2004)
- Dream Lover (2004) TV episode .... Carmen
"El escándalo del mediodía" (1 episode, 2004)
... aka Escándalo TV (USA: Spanish title: new title)
... aka Escándalo TV de noche (USA: new title)
- Episode dated 7 October 2004 (2004) TV episode
Soul Plane (2004) (as Sofia Vergara) .... Blanca
The 24th Day (2004) .... Isabella
"Eve" .... April Perez (1 episode, 2004)
- Party All the Time (2004) TV episode .... April Perez
Chasing Papi (2003) .... Cici
"My Wife and Kids" .... Selma (1 episode, 2002)
- Samba Story (2002) TV episode (as Sofia Vergara) .... Selma
Big Trouble (2002) .... Nina
"Club La Bomba" (2000) TV series .... Host
"A que no te atreves" (1999) TV series .... Host
"Acapulco, cuerpo y alma" (1995) TV series .... Irasema


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