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Sam Heuston


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Sam Heuston




Surrey, England, UK



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Marketing Student, Big Brother UK Contestant



Executive summary:

Big Brother UK


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Sam Heuston - Biography


Samantha Leanne Heuston (born 1982 in London, England) is a marketing student from Cheam in southwest London. She was the third person to be evicted from the Big Brother House, when faced against Derek and Roberto. She received 59% of the public vote when she was voted out on 17 June (Day 22).
Since leaving the Big Brother house, Heuston has had photo shoots in The News of the World newspaper and in men's magazines such as Nuts, Maxim and Zoo. She has also appeared on an episode of Italian Big Brother in the audience.
She has a small cameo in Brit flick Clubbing to Death playing a Cage Rage ring girl. The film stars Nick Moran, Huey Morgan, and Dave Courtney and was due out in 2007. Not yet released.
Davina conducted her interview in a bikini, attracting some complaints from viewers.


Sam Heuston - Filmography


Clubbing to Death (2007) .... Ring girl


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Sam Heuston





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