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Kim Cattrall


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Kim Victoria Cattrall




Liverpool, England, UK



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United States

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Samantha on Sex and the City


5' 7" (1.70 m)


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Kim Cattrall - Biography


Kim Victoria Cattrall, born 21 August 1956) is an English actress. She is known for her role as Samantha Jones in the HBO comedy/romance series Sex and the City, and for her leading roles in the 1980s films Police Academy, Big Trouble in Little China, and Mannequin.

Cattrall was born in Mossley Hill, Liverpool, England. Her mother, (Gladys) Shane, née Baugh, was a secretary, and her father, Dennis, a construction engineer. When she was three months old, her family emigrated to the Canadian city of Courtenay, British Columbia. At 11, she returned to England when her grandmother became ill, and she took a number of acting examinations with the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), before returning to Canada at age 16 to finish her final year of secondary school.

Cattrall began her career before graduating from high school in 1972, when she left Canada for the United States. There, she attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and upon her graduation signed a five-year movie deal with director Otto Preminger, making her film debut in Preminger's Rosebud in 1975. A year later, Universal Studios bought out that contract and Cattrall became one of the last participants of the Universal Contract Player System. During her time with Universal, she guest-starred in numerous television programmes of varying style and genre. In 1978, she co-starred with Peter Falk and Nicol Williamson in the Columbo episode How to Dial a Murder. In 1979, she played Dr. Gabrielle White in The Incredible Hulk and would go down in television Hulk lore as one of the few characters who knew David Banner was alive and was the Hulk. In a successful transition to cinema, Cattrall starred opposite Jack Lemmon in his Oscar-nominated movie Tribute in 1980. The following year, she starred in the critically acclaimed Ticket to Heaven. She also had a guest role in the TV miniseries Scruples.
In 1982, Cattrall played Miss Honeywell (Lassie) in Porky's, followed two years later by a role in the original Police Academy. In 1985, she starred in three movies: Turk 182, City Limits and Hold-Up, the latter with French star Jean-Paul Belmondo. In 1986, she played Kurt Russell's brainy flame in the action film Big Trouble in Little China. In 1987, her lead role in Mannequin proved a huge success with audiences. One of her best-known film roles is that of Lieutenant Valeris in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.
Aside from her film work, Cattrall is also a stage and theatre actress, with performances in Arthur Miller's A View from the Bridge and Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters and Wild Honey to her credit. In 1997, she was cast in Sex and the City, Darren Star's series which was broadcast on HBO. As Samantha Jones, Cattrall gained international recognition. She capitalized on her success by appearing in steamy television commercials promoting Pepsi One. She also signed a publishing deal to write a book about sex with her third husband, Mark Levinson. In addition, she can be heard reading the poetry of Rupert Brooke on the CD Red Rose Music SACD Sampler Volume One.
Her film work continued during Sex and the City when she appeared in Britney Spears' first film venture, Crossroads. Sex and the City ended as a weekly series in spring 2004 with 10.6 million viewers. Cattrall reprised the role of Samantha Jones in the Sex and the City film, released on May 30, 2008. She will also appear in a sequel planned for release in 2010.
In 2005, she appeared in the Disney picture Ice Princess, in which she played the ice skating coach of the film's lead character. She portrayed Claire, a paralyzed woman who wants to die, in the West End drama revival of Whose Life Is It Anyway?. In October 2006, she appeared in a West End production of David Mamet's The Cryptogram at the Donmar Warehouse in London. Since late 2005, she has appeared in a number of British television commercials for Tetley Tea. In July 2006, a commercial for Nissan cars, which featured Cattrall as Samantha Jones, was withdrawn from New Zealand television, apparently because of complaints about its innuendo. In 2006, she starred alongside Brendan Gleeson in John Boorman's 2006 film The Tiger's Tail, a black comedy that focuses on the impact of the Celtic Tiger economy on Irish people. On ITV, she starred alongside David Haig, Daniel Radcliffe, and Carey Mulligan in My Boy Jack, the story of author Rudyard Kipling's search for his son lost in World War I.
On June 16, 2009, it was announced that Cattrall would receive a star on Canada's Walk of Fame in Toronto. The induction ceremony was held on September 12, 2009.

Cattrall has been married three times. Her 1977 to 1979 marriage to Larry Davis was annulled. Her second marriage was from 1982 to 1989 to Andre J. Lyson; with him, she lived in Frankfurt and learned to speak German fluently, but admits she has forgotten a lot over the years.
From 1998 to 2004, she was married to audio designer Mark Levinson. The two co-wrote the 2002 book Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm.
Cattrall has also been linked with former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, actor Daniel Benzali, musician Gerald Casale of the New Wave group Devo, French public intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy, and her Whose Life is it Anyway? co-star Alexander Siddig. She currently resides in New York City and in East Hampton, New York.
Already a British and Canadian citizen, Kim Cattrall became a U.S. citizen in 2008.
In August 2009, Cattrall took part in the BBC TV show Who Do You Think You Are? where she discovered some uncomfortable facts about her grandfather George Baugh. Baugh, who disappeared in 1938 having abandoned his family including Cattrall's then 8-year-old mother and two younger sisters, turned out to have bigamously remarried to his new wife Isabella Oliver the following year in Tudhoe, County Durham, and he subsequently had another four children. In 1961, he emigrated to Australia, where he became a postmaster, retiring in 1972 and died in 1974. Cattrall's mother and aunts had known nothing of their father's life after he left until they heard what the Who Do You Think You Are researchers had discovered, nor had the family previously seen a clear photograph of him.


Kim Cattrall - Personal Quotes


"There are so many avenues of performing. I'm not interested in the form of musical theater unless it's something like The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), which is a blast."

"I don't know many women who can relate to Sharon Stone and the kind of movies she does. I don't know a lot of guys who can relate to Tom Cruise's movies because they're on a kind of fantastic level. I like movies I can relate to."

On "Sex and the City" (1998): "The show is celebrating what it's like to be a woman. We do things people think about but don't vocalize. It gives men and women permission to talk in a way that is healthy."

"I've been playing sexually aware women most of my life. At this point I expected to be playing moms and wives. It's exciting to play a femme fatale."

On her role in the film Crossroads (2002/I), where she plays Britney Spears' mother, who abandons her daughter as a baby and later rejects her as a teen: "It was one of the hardest jobs in my life. I had to be mean to Britney Spears. She is such a little southern sweetie who is only 20. She was so nervous and so well-prepared, and I had to reject her on screen because I'm her horrible mother who has left her".

"I'm finding now in my 40s that the less makeup I wear, the better. I think softer is better as you get older. With everything. Except men."

"I prefer younger men. In some ways, they are much more open to a woman being stronger and independent then some of the men my age."

To me, 15 minutes worth of absolute genius in a film is so much better than two hours of mediocrity. I would rather pay to see something different like that.


Kim Cattrall - Filmography


Sex and the City 2 (2010) .... Samantha Jones
Meet Monica Velour (2009) .... Linda Romanoli
The Ghost Writer (2010) .... Amelia
... aka Der Ghostwriter (Germany)
... aka L'homme de l'ombre (France)
"The Simpsons" .... Chloe Talbot / ... (2 episodes, 2004-2009)
- O Brother, Where Bart Thou? (2009) TV episode (voice) .... Fourth Simpsons Child
- She Used to Be My Girl (2004) TV episode (voice) .... Chloe Talbot
"Producing Parker" .... Dee (13 episodes)
- Episode #1.1 (????) TV episode .... Dee
- Episode #1.10 (????) TV episode .... Dee
- Episode #1.11 (????) TV episode .... Dee
- Episode #1.12 (????) TV episode .... Dee
- Episode #1.13 (????) TV episode .... Dee
(8 more)
Sex and the City (2008) .... Samantha Jones
... aka Sex and the City: The Movie (USA: DVD title)
My Boy Jack (2007) (TV) .... Caroline Kipling
The Tiger's Tail (2006) .... Jane O'Leary
Him and Us (2006) (TV) .... Freddie Lazarus
Ice Princess (2005) .... Tina Harwood
... aka Une princesse sur la glace (Canada: French title)
"Sex and the City" .... Samantha Jones (94 episodes, 1998-2004)
... aka S.A.T.C. (USA: promotional abbreviation)
- An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux (2004) TV episode .... Samantha Jones
- An American Girl in Paris: Part Une (2004) TV episode .... Samantha Jones
- Splat! (2004) TV episode .... Samantha Jones
- The Cold War (2004) TV episode .... Samantha Jones
- Out of the Frying Pan (2004) TV episode .... Samantha Jones
(89 more)
The Devil and Daniel Webster (2004) .... Constance Hurry
... aka Shortcut to Happiness (USA: new title)
Crossroads (2002/I) .... Caroline
15 Minutes (2001) .... Cassandra
... aka 15 Minuten Ruhm (Germany)
Sex and the Matrix (2000) (TV) .... Samantha Jones
36 Hours to Die (1999) (TV) .... Kim Stone
... aka Sursis: 36 heures (Canada: French title)
Baby Geniuses (1999) .... Robin
Creature (1998) (TV) .... Dr. Amanda Mayson
... aka Peter Benchley's Creature
Modern Vampires (1998) (TV) .... Ulrike
... aka Revenant (UK: video title)
... aka Vamps (Philippines: English title: theatrical title)
"Duckman: Private Dick/Family Man" .... Tami Margulies (1 episode, 1997)
- The Tami Show (1997) TV episode (voice) .... Tami Margulies
"Rugrats" .... Melinda Finster (1 episode, 1997)
- Mother's Day (1997) TV episode (voice) .... Melinda Finster
Invasion (1997) (TV) .... Dr. Sheila Moran
... aka Robin Cook's Invasion (USA: complete title)
Exception to the Rule (1997) .... Carla Rainer
... aka Nach gefährlichen Regeln (Germany)
"The Outer Limits" .... Rebecca Highfield (1 episode, 1997)
... aka The New Outer Limits (USA: promotional title)
- Re-Generation (1997) TV episode .... Rebecca Highfield
Every Woman's Dream (1996) (TV) .... Liz Wells
Where Truth Lies (1996) .... Racquel Chambers
Unforgettable (1996) .... Kelly
Live Nude Girls (1995) .... Jamie
The Heidi Chronicles (1995) (TV) .... Susan
Above Suspicion (1995) .... Gail Cain
... aka The Rhinehart Theory
OP Center (1995) (TV) .... Jane Hood
... aka Tom Clancy's 'OP Center'
Two Golden Balls (1994) (TV) .... Sydnie
"Dream On" .... Jeannie (1 episode, 1994)
- The Homecoming Queen (1994) TV episode .... Jeannie
"Angel Falls" (1993) TV series .... Genna Harrison (unknown episodes)
Running Delilah (1993) (TV) .... Delilah
... aka Cyborg Agent (UK: video title)
... aka Robospy (Australia)
"Wild Palms" (1993) TV mini-series .... Paige Katz (unknown episodes)
Breaking Point (1993) .... Allison Meadows
... aka Double Suspicion
Double Vision (1992) (TV) .... Caroline/Lisa
... aka Double Vision (France)
... aka Double vision - l'une pour l'autre (Canada: French title)
Split Second (1992) .... Michelle
Miracle in the Wilderness (1992) (TV) .... Dora Adams
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) .... Lieutenant Valeris
The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990) .... Judy McCoy
Honeymoon Academy (1990) .... Chris
... aka For Better or for Worse
La famiglia Buonanotte (1989) .... Aunt Eva
... aka Brown Bread Sandwiches
... aka Good Night, Michaelangelo
The Return of the Musketeers (1989) .... Justine de Winter
... aka El regreso de los mosqueteros (Spain)
... aka Le retour des mousquetaires (France)
Midnight Crossing (1988) .... Alexa Schubb
Masquerade (1988) .... Brooke Morrison
Palais Royale (1988) .... Odessa Muldoon
... aka Smoke Screen
... aka Smokescreen (USA)
Mannequin (1987) .... Ema 'Emmy' Hesire
Big Trouble in Little China (1986) .... Gracie Law
... aka John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China (USA: complete title)
Hold-Up (1985) .... Lise
City Limits (1985) .... Wickings
Turk 182! (1985) .... Danny Boudreau
Sins of the Past (1984) (TV) .... Paula Bennett
... aka Forbidden Secrets (USA: bootleg title)
Police Academy (1984) .... Karen Thompson
... aka Police Academy: What an Institution! (UK: video title)
"Tales of the Gold Monkey" .... Whitney Bunting (1 episode, 1983)
- Naka Jima Kill (1983) TV episode .... Whitney Bunting
"Trapper John, M.D." .... Amy West / ... (2 episodes, 1979-1982)
- You Pays Your Money (1982) TV episode .... Amy West
- The Surrogate (1979) TV episode .... Princess Allya
"Tucker's Witch" .... Amanda Tucker (1 episode)
- Unaired Pilot (????) TV episode .... Amanda Tucker
Porky's (1982) .... Honeywell
... aka Chez Porky (Canada: French title)
Ticket to Heaven (1981) .... Ruthie
Tribute (1980) .... Sally Haines
... aka Un fils pour l'été (Canada: French title)
"Hagen" .... Carol Sawyer (1 episode, 1980)
- Nightmare (1980) TV episode .... Carol Sawyer
The Gossip Columnist (1980) (TV) .... Dina Moran
"Scruples" (1980) TV mini-series .... Melanie Adams
"Charlie's Angels" .... Sharon (1 episode, 1979)
- Angels at the Altar (1979) TV episode .... Sharon
Crossbar (1979) (TV) .... Katie Barlow
The Rebels (1979) (TV) .... Anne Kent
The Night Rider (1979) (TV) .... Regina Kenton
"Vega$" .... Princess Zara (1 episode, 1979)
- The Visitor (1979) TV episode .... Princess Zara
"How the West Was Won" .... Dolores / ... (1 episode, 1979)
- The Slavers (1979) TV episode .... Dolores/Teresa Perez
"The Incredible Hulk" .... Dr. Gabrielle White (1 episode, 1979)
- Kindred Spirits (1979) TV episode .... Dr. Gabrielle White
"Family" .... Susan Madison (1 episode, 1978)
- Just Friends (1978) TV episode .... Susan Madison
"The Paper Chase" .... Karen Clayton (1 episode, 1978)
... aka The Paper Chase: The Fourth Year (USA: new title)
... aka The Paper Chase: The Graduation Year (USA: new title)
... aka The Paper Chase: The Second Year (USA: new title)
... aka The Paper Chase: The Third Year (USA: new title)
- Da Da (1978) TV episode .... Karen Clayton
"Starsky and Hutch" .... Emily Harrison (1 episode, 1978)
- Blindfold (1978) TV episode .... Emily Harrison
The Bastard (1978) (TV) .... Anne Ware
... aka The Kent Chronicles
"Columbo" .... Joanne Nicholls (1 episode, 1978)
- How to Dial a Murder (1978) TV episode .... Joanne Nicholls
"The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries" .... Marie Claire (2 episodes, 1978)
... aka The Nancy Drew Mysteries (USA: short title)
- Voodoo Doll: Part 2 (1978) TV episode .... Marie Claire
- Voodoo Doll: Part 1 (1978) TV episode .... Marie Claire
"What Really Happened to the Class of '65?" .... Cynthia (1 episode, 1977)
- The Girl Nobody Knew (1977) TV episode .... Cynthia
"Switch" .... Captain Judith Pierce (1 episode, 1977)
- Dancer (1977) TV episode .... Captain Judith Pierce
"Logan's Run" .... Rama II (1 episode, 1977)
- Half Life (1977) TV episode .... Rama II
Deadly Harvest (1977) .... Susan Franklin
"Quincy M.E." .... Joy DeReatis (1 episode, 1977)
... aka Quincy (International: English title: informal title)
- Let Me Light the Way (1977) TV episode .... Joy DeReatis
Good Against Evil (1977) (TV) .... Linday Isley
Rosebud (1975) .... Joyce Donnovan


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