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Katja Kassin


Birth name:

Ute Ebert


Katja Kassan, Katja Kassen, Katja




Leipzig, Germany



Race or Ethnicity:


Sexual orientation:







155 cm - 5 feet and 1 inches

Hair color:


Eye color:




Natural Bust:



Band Around Right Upper Arm, and a Winged Tiger On Right Shoulder.


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Katja Kassin - Biography


Katja was born in the city of Leipzig in the German Democratic Republic, the former eastern communist part of Germany. She was 10 years old when the wall came down and Germany reunited. She was a waitress for 6 years during her high school and college time. In September 2000 she started working as a nude model posing for local amateur photographers and websites. Over time her modeling career became more professional and successful and she came in contact with German porn star Drew Berrymore who had been living and working in the San Fernando Valley, near Los Angeles for several years. Katja was introduced to Mark Spiegler of the talent agency Spiegler Girls for whom she worked for three and half year. Recently she switched to the biggest talent agency in the San Fernando Valley `L.A. Direct Models` which is owned by male adult star Ben English. Before moving to the United States Kassin studied Political Science at the University of Leipzig in Germany. She has stated that she earned a degree equivalent to an Associate's degree. She also studied German Language and Literature. Kassin speaks six languages with "relative fluidity": English, German, Russian and three others. She adopted the first name "Katja" as her pseudonym at the suggestion of the photographer at her first nude shoot, after his niece. Katja started porn in March of 2003 when she first came over to the US, her first US scene was `Straight to the A 4` by Vince Vouyer for Red Light District. She permanently moved to the Los Angeles area in late 2004 and married male performer Sledge Hammer in January 2005. Katja`s specialty is rough anal sex, including double anal, though she has since ceased filming creampies after the HIV outbreak in 2004. She is well known for her derrière and face. In Germany Katja is known for her appearances at the German erotic TV show `Wa(h)re Liebe`. On June 1, 2007 she got breast augmentation surgery from Dr. Jacobs in New York City. The 350cc silicone implants were inserted through the nipple and under the muscle. Her first shoot after recovery was on June 26, 2007.






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