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Emmy Rossum


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Emmanuelle Grey Rossum


Em, Emmy Grey




New York, New York, USA



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United States

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The Day After Tomorrow


5' 8" (1.73 m)


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Emmy Rossum - Biography


Emmanuelle Grey "Emmy" Rossum (born September 12, 1986) is an American actress and singer-songwriter. She has starred in films such as The Day After Tomorrow, Poseidon, The Phantom of the Opera and Mystic River.

Rossum was born in New York City, New York, the only child of Cheryl, a single mother who worked as a corporate photographer and an investment banker. She was named after her grandfather, whose first name was Emanuel. However, she was given the name Emmanuelle, using the feminine spelling. Her parents divorced when her mother was pregnant. Rossum was raised by her mother and has only met her father twice. She is Jewish. She is the niece of Vera Wang, to whom she is related by marriage.
Upon singing "Happy Birthday" in 12 different keys, Rossum was welcomed to join the Metropolitan Opera Children's Chorus by chorus director Elena Doria. Over the course of five years, she sang onstage with the chorus and had the chance to perform with other opera greats, such as Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti. For $5–10 a night, Rossum sang in six different languages, in 20 different operas, including La bohčme, Turandot, a Carnegie Hall presentation of La damnation de Faust and A Midsummer Night's Dream. She also worked under the direction of Franco Zeffirelli in Carmen. Rossum joked in interviews that her vocal talent and affinity for music developed because her mother always listened to classical music and operas while she was pregnant with her.
By age 12, Rossum had grown too big for the children's costumes. An increasing interest in pursuing acting led to taking classes with Flo Salant Greenberg of The New Actors Workshop in New York City. She also hired an agent, and subsequently, auditioned for many acting roles.

The year 1997 saw Rossum's television debut with a guest appearance on Law & Order as Alison Martin.fsdfdsfd In 1999, she had a recurring role as the original Abigail Williams in the long-running daytime soap opera As the World Turns. She also had a guest role as Caroline Beels in Snoops. Rossum was nominated for a Young Artist Award nomination in 1999 for Best Performance in a TV Movie for her work in the made-for-tv movie Genius. Following that movie, she portrayed a young Audrey Hepburn in the ABC TV movie The Audrey Hepburn Story (2000).
Rossum made her big screen debut in 2000's Songcatcher as Deladis Slocumb, an Appalachian orphan. Debuting at the Sundance Film Festival, the film won the Special Jury Award for Outstanding Ensemble Performance. For her role, Rossum received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Debut Performance and also had the opportunity to sing a duet with Dolly Parton on the Songcatcher soundtrack.
Variety magazine named Rossum as "One of the Ten to Watch" in 2000. In Nola (2003), Rossum played the title character, who was an aspiring songwriter. In her first major studio film, Clint Eastwood's Mystic River, Rossum starred as Katie Markum, the ill-fated daughter of small-business owner Jimmy Markum, played by Sean Penn. As Katie, Rossum was said to have "projected an aura of innocence that made her character's tragic death memorable and heartbreaking."
Following Mystic River, Rossum had a breakthrough role as Laura Chapman in the Roland Emmerich eco-disaster film The Day After Tomorrow. She later returned to New York, where she was the last to audition, in full costume and make-up, for the coveted role of Christine Daae in the on-screen adaptation of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera. Following an international search for talent, and having nearly missed the audition on account of a family engagement, Rossum was asked to audition in person for Webber at his home in New York. After seeing her audition, Webber felt she proved her ability to play the young opera singer who becomes the object of the phantom's obsessive love. For her role as Christine Daae, Rossum received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actress in a musical or comedy. She is the youngest actress ever to be nominated for that particular award. She also received a Critics' Choice Award for Best Young Actress, along with a Saturn Award for Best Performance by a Younger Actor and other awards.
In 2006, Rossum appeared in Poseidon - Wolfgang Petersen's high-budget remake of the disaster film The Poseidon Adventure. She played Jennifer Ramsey, the daughter of Kurt Russell's character, Robert Ramsey. As Jennifer, she is described as a 19-year-old heroine because she is not a damsel in distress, and is very proactive and strong in all situations. Rossum also appeared as Juliet Capulet in a 2006 Williamstown Theatre Festival production of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
In early 2009 Rossum appeared in Dragonball Evolution. Rossum described her action role in Dragonball as the hardest thing she's ever done. Her next big screen venture was the indie Dare which was an official selection of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.
In December 2009 Rossum joined the cast of the Showtime drama series pilot "Shameless". The series is based on the hit British series of the same name. The pilot costars William H. Macy, Allison Janney and Justin Chatwin.

Singing and Recording
After her role in The Phantom of the Opera, Rossum was offered several deals to record classical albums, but refused, opting to create an album of contemporary, more mainstream music. Rossum said, "I was inspired to cut this album because I'm so frustrated listening to the radio these days. There is so little emotional honesty". Regarding the sound and style of her music, she said, "It's pop music, but not Britney Spears bubblegum pop. I want it to have a David Gray or Annie Lennox feel. I've been spending up to 12 hours a day in the studio". Rossum cites Dolly Parton, Madonna, Cher and Barbra Streisand as some of her influences.
Rossum's album, entitled Inside Out, was produced by Stuart Brawley. It was released on October 23, 2007.
For the promotion of the record, Geffen Records featured the song, "Slow Me Down", as part of the second volume of Hollywood Records' Girl Next compilation album, which was released on July 10, 2007.
On June 24, 2007, Rossum sang the national anthem at the Toyota/Save Mart 350 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series race at Infineon Raceway .
On September 30, 2007 Rossum performed at the first ever Perez Hilton Presents event at the El Ray Theater in Hollywood
On October 27, 2007, Rossum sang the national anthem at the New Jersey Devils' first home game of the 2007–08 NHL season, which was also the first game the team played in the newly-constructed Prudential Center.
In November 2007 she was chosen as Yahoo's "Who's Next" artist of the month and a "One to Watch" by MSN
In December 2007, Rossum released three Christmas songs on the EP Carol of the Bells.
Rossum describes herself as a lyric soprano, though she admits her voice is still developing.
In summer 2008 Rossum announced that she was in the process of writing and recording her second album.
In the summer 2009, Rossum joined Counting Crows, Augustana, and Michael Franti & Spearhead as a "special guest" at select performances of the "Traveling Circus and Medicine Show" tour.

Rossum is a 2001 graduate of the Spence School, a private school in Manhattan. She received her high school diploma at 15 years old via online extension courses offered by Stanford University's Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY). She currently attends Columbia University.
Rossum is a YouthAIDS ambassador. She is also the official spokesperson for "PiNKiTUDE" - a campaign to help raise breast cancer awareness.
Rossum is gluten-intolerant. She revealed to MTV News that she is allergic to wheat after MTV News gave her a cupcake on-camera to celebrate her 22nd birthday; she was only able to eat the frosting.
Rossum was married to music executive Justin Siegel for a year and a half before he filed for divorce in 2009. Rossum is currently dating Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz.


Emmy Rossum - Personal Quotes


"He had the most magnificent apartment I had ever seen and I was floored by it. I went in and started vocalising with the accompanist and Andrew walked in as we were preparing. He didn't say hello, didn't introduce himself and just sat down in front of me and said, 'Shall we?' I thought to myself it was my one shot so I had better just stand up and do it, so I didn't introduce myself, I nodded to the accompanist and I did the two biggest numbers in the show. Then he stood up and said: 'That was great. I'm Andrew.'" [on her audition with Andrew Lloyd Webber for The Phantom of the Opera (2004)].

"I'm a very rational person but I pray every day." (in reference to a visit to a psychic who told her some accurate things about her late grandmother)

"The truth is, I probably didn't want to be friends with some of those girls [from prep school], because I found that a lot of their values were a little specious. Now, of course, all those girls are calling me and being like, 'We should have lunch!' And I'm like, 'Um . . . don't you remember how you didn't like me that much?'"

I'm heavy on preparation. . . . Some actors come to the set and don't know what scene they're playing, but that would make me crazy. It's not about control but perfectionism--my biggest vice and one of my biggest assets.

"I'm convinced wearing those corsets for 14 hours at a time deformed me for life," she says. "I was 16 years old and still growing at the time of the shooting. I could barely breathe, and with Christine's intense emotions I hyperventilated and almost passed out. I think her name is Christine for a reason. She is Christ-like."

"In this one scene, it took three days to shoot and it's the scene where my character passionately kisses her fiancé for the first time. It was so complex with the snow coming down that it took three days to shoot. By the end of the three days I'd kissed him so much that my lips had swollen up--so much that I had to use an ice pack in between takes. Hardship, I know!" In reference to kissing Patrick Wilson in The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

"I like Descartes's theory about a ball of wax. You can change its form from solid to liquid, but it's still the same ball of wax. With acting, you are the same person in a different form. You can only be what you know, and you only truly know yourself."

"Sean Penn and Clint Eastwood have told me that I shouldn't feel that I need to be in the limelight or the spotlight all the time. A career is about longevity, as shown in their careers. So, I really want to only do the best things and work with the best people. That's what I strive to do."

"I think of all my roles, I was best in "Genius".


Emmy Rossum - Filmography


"Shameless" (2010) TV series .... Fiona Gallagher (unknown episodes)
Dragonball Evolution (2009) .... Bulma
... aka Qi long zhu: Quanxin jinhua (China: Mandarin title) (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
... aka Chat lung jyu: Chyunsan jeunfa (Hong Kong: Cantonese title)
... aka D.B.E. (USA: promotional abbreviation)
... aka Dragonball: Evolution (USA)
Dare (2009) .... Alexa Walker
Poseidon (2006) .... Jennifer Ramsey
... aka Poseidon: The IMAX Experience (USA: IMAX version)
The Phantom of the Opera (2004) .... Christine
... aka Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera (USA: promotional title)
The Day After Tomorrow (2004) .... Laura Chapman
Mystic River (2003) .... Katie Markum
Nola (2003) .... Nola
Passionada (2002) .... Vicky Amonte
"The Practice" .... Allison Ellison (1 episode, 2001)
- The Candidate (2001) TV episode .... Allison Ellison
Happy Now (2001) .... Nicky Trent/Jenny Thomas
An American Rhapsody (2001) .... Sheila - at 15
... aka Amerikai rapszódia (Hungary)
The Audrey Hepburn Story (2000) (TV) .... Young Audrey Hepburn (ages 12-16)
It Had to Be You (2000) .... Young Girl
Songcatcher (2000) .... Deladis Slocumb
"As the World Turns" (1956) TV series .... Abigail Williams #1 (unknown episodes, 1999)
"Snoops" .... Caroline Beels (2 episodes, 1999)
- Separation Anxiety (1999) TV episode .... Caroline Beels
- Blood Lines (1999) TV episode .... Caroline Beels
Genius (1999) (TV) .... Claire Addison
Grace & Glorie (1998) (TV) .... Luanne
"A Will of Their Own" (1998) TV mini-series .... Young Sarah
Only Love (1998) (TV) .... Lily
"Law & Order" .... Alison Martin (1 episode, 1997)
... aka Law & Order Prime (USA: informal title)
- Ritual (1997) TV episode .... Alison Martin


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