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Ehrinn Cummings


Birth name:

Ehrinn Cummings




Montreal, Quebec, Canada



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5' 11˝"




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Ehrinn Cummings - Biography


Montreal-born Ehrinn Cummings was genuinely surprised to hear there are several Internet Web sites devoted to her. "If someone on the Web is bored enough to gather information on some chick from Canada, then that's cool," she says.

Cummings, who lives in New York, has been travelling the world modelling and making a fortune for three years. "I was 17, sitting in a coffee shop, when this guy asked me if I wanted to do a shampoo picture," she recalls. "Not really," she told him, but changed her mind when he said she would make $2,000 for a day's work.

Her decision proved sensible. The shampoo pictures appeared in El Quebec magazine and not long after, a New York modelling agent was knocking on her door. The following year she was in Paris, working with Gucci, and by 1999 she'd moved to New York to join the Karin agency.

"I'm kept pretty busy," says Cummings. "It's tough work, for sure, but the money is good. I plan to keep modelling until I'm 24 or 25, when I hope to have enough money to retire."

Her English-born parents, dad Peter, a retired schoolteacher, and mom Judy Brooks, a former equestrian trainer who had Princess Anne as a pupil, live in Montreal. Ehrinn's brother, Ian, is a physiotherapist in Cambridge, Ont., and her sister, Pip, is in Halifax, N.S., studying to be a reference librarian.

Cummings currently has a Canadian boyfriend. She met him in Halifax during a visit with her sister last summer.

As for the Web site compilers, they can salivate at the prospect of Cummings being a feature girl in Sports Illustrated magazine's next swimsuit edition. She's waiting to hear the final word on whether she's been selected,


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